Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seo Software Revolutionizes Internet Branding

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Internet advertising after launching a new application, named Ignite SEO, which uses artificial intelligence to promote websites.

Ignite Engine", that uses AI to semantically understand the content of web pages and to generate human readable sentences. The engine can find websites that are related to the customers, and inform their readers of the customers product; automatically going through the stages of registration, posting and even creation of websites if required.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of improving a websites visibility in search engines such as Google. Thus it can be exposed to targeted visitors and increase the website owner's revenue.
Search Engine Optimization for the most part involves multiple factors each of which contribute to the SEO campaign as a whole.

Then it creates an account and links to the website with optimized anchor text.

The Ignite engine takes a broader approach to the problem of automated posting on multiple platforms.

"Through a generic but trained approach to posting to related websites Ignite SEO can exponentially outperform traditional human link building, importantly whilst keeping quality at a very high level." says Richard Lewis, Chief Technology Officer of Ignite Research.

Richard says the future is to continue work on the engine until an almost universal engine can be created.


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