Sunday, January 30, 2011

What Is Your Definition Of Success

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Katapult EnterprisesFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nashville, TN – January 25, 2011. “Each individual has their own definition of success. Our mission is to facilitate the manifestation of YOURS, while reminding the world that we are all interconnected. ” says ZoeLena Shuster, president and founder of Katapult Enterprises, a company offering exclusive life coach certification, branding and online marketing, social media and confidential coaching that uses the principals of Universal Laws to help people make a positive impact in the world.

According to Shuster, “most leaders have always been a rock for the people in their lives, whether it is for friends, family, associates, clients or fans. But who is there for the leader? Who encourages the encourager? Who motivates the motivator? Who advises the advisor?” As a person who has been in many leadership positions herself, “Zoe” believes that it is important for leaders to maintain their “faith connection” to stay strong, and that through Katapult’s confidential coaching programs, such leaders can maintain their human connection.

This is a connection that will help strengthen them, advise them, refill them, empower them, and encourage them to continue to achieve their purpose as they are on the front lines.” she says. Katapult offers complete confidentiality and has had the pleasure of working behind the scenes with many leaders in their industry from mega churches to extremely successful business owners, multi-platinum recording artists to political figures, and just ordinary people who decided they wanted to be extraordinary.

Besides confidential consulting,Katapult Enterprises offers “Get Katapulted” – their flagship branding and marketing packages, which contain all you’ll need to get your online presence on point, making a lasting impression with their Web Design, Confidential Coaching, Social Media Platforms, Logo Creation, Videography and everything in-between! Katapult Enterprises’ International Life Coach Certification Program continues to give individuals the freedom of being their own boss, making their own hours and working from any location, all while making a difference in the lives of others.   ZoeLena Shuster, also known as “The Confidential Coach” has over 12 years’ experience dealing with business, political, religious, and entertainment World Icons. She has an exclusive, very selective roster of 12 clients per month for high-end “Coaching with ZoeLena.

Katapult Enterprises also offers an Affiliate Program, which is free to join and requires no technical experience. Katapult Affiliates make 20 per cent commission on all of their Exclusive Services! This is allowing countless individuals to change their financial landscape. Not an MLM or Network Marketing.

Katapult not only has a roster of speakers and coaches but is headed up by a dynamic team who have extensive experience in a variety of fields. “I am truly honoured to be associated with Katapult Enterprises! Its destiny and excellence in action, in a major way! “, said their Director of Coaching Department, John Ramsey. With these savvy pioneers continuing to blaze trails in this HD digital world.


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