Thursday, February 17, 2011

Choosing between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs

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Human hair wigs have some salient advantages that synthetic hair wigs do not offer and hence are preferred by wig wearers.

Hair is one of the most important aspects of one’s personality and either heightens the overall look of the person or mars it completely. As long as you are blessed with good hair the discussion of a wig generally does not arise. 

The first most obvious advantage is the longevity of the wig. Compared to a synthetic one you can expect your human hair wig to last longer. Apart from the longevity the second most crucial feature that human hair wigs can offer you is that on these wigs you can do any styling you wish. Curling, hot rolls, straightening, blow drying and just about any styling is possible as you are dealing with real human hair.

Another aspect of human hair wigs that you would appreciate is that they can be dyed too. Obviously not as frequently as natural hair, but you can dye them some times to just change your look. As human hair wigs are not sensitive to heat you do not need to exercise special care and caution near appliances with excessive heat like a barbeque etc as unlike synthetic hair wigs these wigs are as tolerant to heat as our natural hair are.

The feel when you touch and see them is comparatively more natural. Now it is very easy to have a new look every day thanks to lovely wigs. Apart from the cosmetic aspects human hair wigs are also comparatively healthier for your scalp as they let the scalp breathe freely.

Another very important aspect to be considered is that with human hair wigs the scope of developing an allergic reaction is negligible as all natural products are used. Whereas in synthetic hair wigs you may develop an allergic reaction to any substance used in manufacturing it and all your money would go down the drain, not to talk about the discomfort you would have to face. 

The only catch that people may feel is that since human hair wigs are obviously a better option they are slightly more expensive than synthetic hair wigs. But if you take into account all the positive aspects of wigs in account there is simply no debate on which is a better choice. 


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