Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Martin Releases Second Book In Her Raines Of Wind Canyon Trilogy

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The book is the second in the New York Times bestselling author’s The Raines of Wind Canyon trilogy.

The latest book follows the life of Gabriel Raines, who has left the Marines and built a successful construction business. He enjoys his freedom and likes his relationships free and easy. When his business burns to the ground, he meets Mattie Baker and begins to look at women in a new light.

Mattie is a self-reliant architect who enjoys being independent. She’s a volunteer at a local center that helps victims of domestic violence. She’s devoted to the people she meets at the center and tries her best to help a teen there who is accused of arson.

Gabriel and Mattie join forces to discover the identity of the real arsonist and find themselves facing danger at every turn. As the couple begins to grow closer, she doesn’t know if she can make the relationship work and Gabriel wonders if she’ll ever trust him.

The story is Gabriel and Mattie’s, but Martin addresses the issue of domestic abuse realistically. She writes with a positive message about the courage and strength needed by those who have been victimized.

Like the first book in the trilogy, “Against the Wind,” Martin keeps the action fast-paced and the suspense level high, while still working in a bit of romance. Martin loves the West and it’s evident in her work. The spirit of the old West is alive and well in the modern day, with a hero who is a man’s man and a tough but tender heroine.

Martin is the bestselling author of over 40 romantic suspense, contemporary and historical novels, She launched her writing career in 1985 and never looked back. She majored in anthropology and history at the University of California at Santa Barbara, CA, and began working as a real estate agent.

With the encouragement of her author husband, Larry Jay Martin, she began writing, placing her characters in settings she found personally interesting. She’s the author of 11 trilogies, ranging from historical and western to the paranormal. She also has three two-book series to her credit and numerous stand-alone novels.

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