Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Undergrads Inspires Each Of Us To Use Our Talents

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Law student Matthew Hebebrand has long been a lover of books (especially comics), storytelling and writing, so for him to now be a published author is not really surprising to his friends and family.

"I write all the time," said the 2009 Miami University alumnus who recently released The Undergrads.  Originally a writing project for an honors program class at his Oxford, Ohio, college, Hebebrand’s book about a group of students with supernatural abilities and the life-impacting choices they make is available through Halo Publishing International.

Hebebrand said the college life experience is ripe for storytelling and a school campus is the perfect back drop for a story that readers relate to their own educational journeys.

"The Undergrads highlights problems that take place on all college campuses and ways students can solve them," said the author.

Starting college can be a scary experience, Hebebrand explained. In The Undergrads, 10 freshmen at the fictional Pine State University develop amazing abilities after being exposed to a science experiment gone wrong. When someone else discovers the source of their powers, each student faces a choice about using them and they begin to discover who they really are and the true meaning of friendship.

"Their powers are metaphors for talents," Hebebrand said. "It is important for each of us to recognize our talents, understand what we are capable of doing, embrace it and use it, preferably for the greater good." "Parts of my personality are in all of the characters in The Undergrads," said the writer.

During the past several years, Hebebrand has had opinion pieces published in student newspapers and online. A 2005 graduate of Padua Franciscan High School in Parma, Ohio, he plans to return to the school and give a presentation about his book.

"I encourage people to look inside themselves and make a commitment to follow their dreams," Hebebrand said.

The oldest of Michael and Maria Hebebrand’s three sons, the author grew up in North Royalton, Ohio, near Cleveland. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Miami where he majored in political science and minored in Italian. He studied abroad in Italy, his mother’s native country.


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