Friday, September 23, 2011

autumnal equinox

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Happy first day of autumn, the North hemispherans! (Or Happy Autumn Equinox!) Today, the hours of daylight hours, as during the night. Historically, the blog tells us the Cosmos, Equinox, "was a mile marker to her during the year." NASA says that for some reason, a change also brings an increase of geomagnetic storms, which we see as auroras.

Here are some that were recently added to our Flickr group by Alaska-based photographer Lee Peterson. He writes in an e-mail:

In the summer, which is not true at night, I came out of ... and saw the Aurora, at the end of the summer season. It was a bit 'after midnight and I was more solid hours of shooting this beautiful display. In general, this seems to have just a few minutes intense, so it was a real pleasure to be able to sit outside (when the temperature well above zero), and shoot the Aurora.

What will be its equinox think?


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