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autumnal equinox day

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Downunder and also the spring equinox! The autumn equinox takes place September 23, 2011 at 2:05 PDT, 10:10 Eastern Daylight Time Greenwich, marking the end of the summer and early autumn in the northern hemisphere. It is said that a painting done for this time provides an overview of the literal and cosmic weather for the next 3 months.

Today is the last day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the last day of winter in the South. There is an old tradition that gives twice "when the year begins," one in the spring equinox, another in the fall. Perhaps the tradition of the explorers of the season saw the return of North and South, from the beginning of cold hot from that move up and down the latitudes.

This is an excellent time to look at what has been completed and what is emerging. To the north we have the workforce, and to correct the harvest what we've done and not done. In the south, began to plant the seeds that will grow over the next 180 days.

So if you're "down under" is the beginning of spring and the weather. Just remember to have some compassion for us here, while 21 to 22 December, the winter solstice rolls around and we are freezing, while enjoying the beach!

Whether north or south, continue to monitor the emerging archetypes that you have already begun to live when it is time to turn our future in more perfect forms. Wherever we live, the following explores the elements that we all can expect to experience over the next 13 weeks.

The autumn equinox is two to Santa Monica Leo rising, Leo 6 in Vancouver, Leo Lima, 27, 11, Madonna Montreal, 7 in Washington DC Virgo, Libra Rio 7, 4 Scorpio in London, Amsterdam Scorpio 7, 13 Scorpion in Berlin on 16 Scorpio Scorpio Tallinn on 26 in Sofia, 8 of Sagittarius in Cairo, and 29 Sagittarius, in Johannesburg.

Moving to Asia and Oceana, we find the ancestors at 14 Capricorn in Abbottabad, 22 Capricorn in New Delhi, Trivandrum 30 Capricorn, Aquarius 23 in Bangkok, 7 fish in Hong Kong, Tokyo 13 Aries, 17 fish, Perth, 11 Aries Melbourne, 19 Brisbane 4 Aries Taurus Wellington, and 22 Gemini is rising in Maui (September 22).

The graphics of the solstices and equinoxes to provide benchmarks for what can be expected over the next 90 days as the weather, both real and symbolic. This table shows that most autumnal equinox of the planets in the first dean of the signs, with two each in the second or third dean of the signs. This indicates a period of three months of activity involving a large number of Actional, focus and physics, material with a lower degree of concentration of social, cultural, intellectual and spiritual.

The nights will now start to be longer than the day for 6 months in the northern hemisphere, with lengthening of the days in the South. The sun is in Libra, promising to improve relations and wider social interaction. We can find new ideals, new ways to measure and assess the balance of things, and new opportunities that offer a comprehensive knowledge.

Excellent quality of this chart is the equinox Sun revitalization Cardinal T-square Venus in a recent issue. This helps us continue to break old habits and responses, and the inclusion of the energies involved in seeing an entirely different level of efficiency and a higher life.

This certainly means that the next 3 months will give the T-square prominently, with the conversion of decisions that go beyond the known and familiar, and the wreckage of a block would be our goal in life began emerging summer 2010. You can learn more about this powerful time of the acquisition of new archetypes in our lives by repetition of Mars conjunction Saturn on a Balance.

As Venus occupies the same level in this table, when Saturn went stationary direct in June 2011, the next season to give us opportunities to enjoy and find the value of kindness and education we received and / or practiced since. You can read more about the lessons of Saturn are cut in late June by going to the solar eclipse of 10 cancer July 1, 2011 pt. 2 - How is the Manifesto? Since Eclipse is still in force this fall will be the expression of Venus lessons of Saturn in the games since.

Pluto still prove to be important for the next season, since it refers to every change of season, this time in history. This is because Pluto was a very early Capricorn, and so square, that is, or is conjunct the sun of the solstice and Equinox chart. Although last year's Autumn Equinox was the last chart, which was very close to Piazza del Sole, is still close enough to have a strong influence, especially in the vicinity of the square of Uranus in early Aries made a very strong through the opposition with the Sun close to this figure.

Sun-Pluto aspects these were challenging us all since 2007 to find confidence in the midst of chaotic conditions and the use of self-discipline and a thorough knowledge of pioneering in new directions. If the cards Solstice and Equinox showing the weather to come, this graph shows is apparently some extremes in its way, especially since the highly unpredictable Uranus is part of the Sun, Uranus and Pluto T-square!

Sun square Pluto release a lot of energy, and blocks or propels the events. This is because the square tend to put a stop to some things, but said a "turning point" in other things. Pluto square often show things are out of control or something extreme happens that results in either a household or a favorable toxicity sanding.

Since Pluto is one of the anchors of the Grand Irrationality, squared it releases a large number of situations triggering energy that moves people to make choices that drive them to their fate. Of course, it began to roll forward in a big way due to the summer of 2010 Cardinal T-square with Pluto, and now the sun is reappointed to Saturn late July and early August 2010 the position is can certainly expect things related to the T-square to power up!

I wrote about Cardinal squares and oppositions to Pluto in solstices equinoxes several articles in recent years. You can also find more by re-visiting the squares and crosses Coming Cardinal Saturn in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries 2009-2010-2011-2012-2013 which also has internal links to articles on each squares and oppositions and what they mean.

It is more about the specific lessons of Saturn in early Libra square Pluto in early Capricorn, the structure of the current T-square is about to Article Is Saturn square Pluto It gives me a hard time or something else? And that is Saturn in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn influence the most? you see what birthdays and generations have been and continue to be affected each time a cardinal T-square is set in motion at that time in history.

The Sun square Uranus table solstice in June 2010, March 2011 in conjunction Equinox table, and the square of the table again in June Solstice 2011. Opposes today, creating a tension between the Great Light and revolutionize. Hopefully this is a time of great change and revolution will remain in the air!

In any trial, Sun-Uranus, it is necessary to control the arbitrary and erraticism, and convert high-voltage energy to the pursuit of internal values ​​that the world will recognize and reward, and stop making excuses for non- action. These energies help us rise to a sense of urgency at hand, and highlight our unique engineering in the opposition falls into our paintings. Develop "social intuition" and to be honest in the pursuit of "goals that you really like."

As the season of passage, a turning point, with our "free will" to demonstrate our wisdom and training have long gestation period. It is a moment where we can find a renewed sense of purpose and the means to express themselves creatively this, as well as the genius of high order.

The planets in this table are once again a model of Jones See Saw, which is defined by the Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries and Taurus energy in a single game of tenure of the inner planets Leo, Virgo and Libra. SeeSaw operates a scheme, stay focused and balanced in the center while noting the periphery of things, and not go off on a tangent or a member. This provides a need to be able to see both sides of a given thing, especially where there are opposing trends or points of view. Force the ability to triangulate from angles beyond the polarity that enables progress and understanding.

Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn are all very strong figure in the Equinox, when the first two signs are in their home in March is said in the sign of his "joy" and Saturn is exalted in Libra, indicating the reasons for fastest growing. It's Mercury and Venus "dispositors final," shows they determine energy environment generate the types of movement depending on their nature.

The Moon in the third quarter at the beginning of Leo indicates that we will have the opportunity to build structures and philosophies of the future will show a relative permanence and stability on which to build these forms. We will be able to learn the spiritual principles and / or abstract can be applied to everyday business practice, and codify a "newly independent State."

The Moon is a sextile to Venus square Jupiter, Saturn quintile Pluto and swayed. In general, very productive force in the relationship by showing special gifts through what we've learned about being nice in our communications. With the adjustments, let's see how to "dominate the discouragement" and "go beyond the established forms." Here, "chickens turn against them," showing everyone a cosmic balance and perspective.

Moreover, the Moon, all planets are ton of aspects of form, showing us things to come the next 13 weeks! Mercury joined the Sun and Uranus is opposed, even if it is out of place, its impact is reduced. Venus, the ruler of the Sun and Saturn, Mars, Saturn and Neptune joined Quintiles and the Sun sextile Mars sesquisquares driving a T-square. Made a part of Jupiter is quadranovile Saturn, Uranus decile, trines Pluto and back, showing a good time to consolidate the seeds of power and transformation. Practice transcendent imagination run!

Mars is very powerful in this form because it squares Jupiter, Saturn quintile is exactly trine Uranus, and Neptune is a triseptile, finishing up the activation of the decisions taken at the time the Grand Irrationality was in the past several days. Innovation and original thinking is encouraged, which is specialized perspectives, "gifts of perception mature" independent thinking that will quickly open doors, and an understanding of how to plan several moves ahead of what is happening. All these can be detected by the stabilization of a new consecration, while the past behind. Plan again when you return to what was always true anyway.

Mercury in Virgo will help us be aware of the details and communications, we put into practice the ideas, views and understanding. These lead naturally to the critical decisions on how to meet the challenges of us to become the emerging archetype we've experienced.

The trick to keep you on track, all related to learning the names of our feelings and experience of things as we missed some things, while others attract. Many people feel a sense of emerging from a cocoon next 90 days, which should lead directly to a sense of belonging to a larger whole, or the need to assume a greater role in the world.

If you need to heal in one way or another, it may be necessary to temporarily sequestered from the self-protection. The line of greatest development is to accept the protections we have as we play with powerful natural energies. Open for more than one future self will be more stable than the one you are living right now.

Venus conjunction Saturn indicates that there is something to learn and / or teach about the consequences that have fallen since January involving the energies that were out of balance, or prospects who have been unnecessarily rigid or too theoretical for support. This challenges us to be fair and balanced that we find a new rhythm of life in our actions, and open to less rigid ways of relating to others.

Be clear and balanced on your duties, responsibilities, and relational boundaries. Try not to get too critical, NIT-picky, or worried about things that can not be solved by your concern and be ready to accept the role of archetype to find a balance of easy communication. Exceptionally favorable aspects between the Moon and Mars in Leo Sun, Venus and Saturn in Libra promise much for your interactions with others, which should be fixed for all, Uranus, and anchor major parties of the opposition-sextile, trine, a large progress in all the places where we have our graphics Aquarium.

Separate septile Mercury and the Moon, Mars and the Moon and Mercury and Neptune is triseptile separating the shows we have just completed the Grand Irrationality. You can find out which areas are most affected irrationality Great article linked above. However, Mars continues to represent his triseptile Neptune Equinox is, although we have completed some important decisions at a crucial crossroads in our destiny, you can be sure that in the next 13 weeks ago on Mars in the recent manifestations of these choices.

Other distinguishing features that show the things we have just gone through, including Moon sextile Sun, Mars, and the combination trine Uranus, Mercury Jupiter Venus quincunx Jupiter Uranus opposition and sesquisquare square Pluto and the Sun inconjunction Neptune. It seems that we all had to make major adjustments as a result of unforeseen events, most of which was annoying, but not productive crises.

However, to distinguish Venus square Pluto does not appear to have been always clear who is frustrating for us, we get lost in discussions, or prevent us from obtaining clear results in some area of ​​life. We had to turn a corner, that these relationships, they also leave behind, if necessary, to restore harmony, fairness, or balance. It 'was certainly the ruins of what or who impedes our ability to live an ideal.

All this suggests a productive time and endowed with great strength of heart and inventiveness, that helps us to more stable visions, dreams and methods. It will be a very inspired, but the feelings in the background to the ideas, theories, practices and agreements. Search your feelings and allow you to live without things getting stuck in the mind and action. Let the new and different to emerge, and take note of the new stability in his life.

We should all be much more pleasant head space and the heart of the Solstice on December 21, 21:30 PT, 0:30 ET on December 22 05:30 GMT. Note that the solstice occurs about 60 hours before the New Moon of Capricorn refuse to 3, and in the very near Sun trine of Jupiter and Uranus square. It protects, blessings, volatile, and a breakthrough!

So this is the beginning of the season goes on and launched over the past 15 months to stabilize the lives of more, more dedication, and active in us, help us "get on the warpath." We all run out of more than one reality and action, and the consequences of the last nine months will continue to haunt how to navigate the more mature and balanced. A truly unique experience is for these next 13 weeks, unexpected gifts, and innovations to show how independent we really are!

Need to find new perspectives and rhythms of social activity in the kingdom. Make a well-balanced as an incremental adjustment to undertake the most ideal role. This time, more to stabilize the Way, the Truth and the Life in our lives, so be sure because, "You're going to have to serve somebody," your self can also be larger, more efficient and enjoyable.

Aum and blessings that are on the threshold of a new season of life!


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