Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brian Urlacher Excused From The Team Following The Death Of The Mother

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You are by far the biggest influence in my life. No one can or should ever question the toughness, because the game is second to his family. I am sure that he is and has always been proud to be his son. Do not tell too many people have the privilege of knowing the future HOF LB, only two can be said except that they know you are your parents.

It is a sad day in the nation as we all have to extend our wishes and thoughts for you and your family. Take as much time as you need, again nothing comes before family. You will always be the love of his family and fans, especially from now WCG, including me.

The Lord be with you and your family, and make sure that Mom has a safe journey to heaven. God speed, and the defeat of Brian Urlacher, Bear Down.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Brian, or anyone in your family

But hes been sinces hes been my favorite Bear Linebacker / player / athlete of all time.

This news creates a hole in my stomach because I have a wonderful relationship with my mother and I can not even begin to understand what hes through.

I think I can add that my favorite superhero of all time Brian and return to work a few days after something so terrible to have someone with superhuman mental and physical strength to perform.

Brian, your fans will always be behind you.

"Winning a Lavoyda"

Rip Lavoyda Urlacher


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