Friday, September 16, 2011

Pat Robertson: Divorced, Alzheimer's Accepted, It Is "a Kind Of Death"

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Buzzing around the blogosphere is a clip from the 700 Club on Tuesday, with the host evangelical Pat Robertson said that the divorce was acceptable if the spouse had Alzheimer's, because the disease is "kind of death."

Provocative statement Robertson was asked by a viewer e-mail that detailed a friend going through hard times with his significant other, who suffered from the disease and not even recognize him more. The friend wondered whether viewers should be allowed to see other people.

"I know it sounds cruel," said Christian radio station. "But if he's going to do something, you have to divorce her and start again, but make sure you take care of custody and someone takes care of it."

Co-host Terry Meeuwsen Robertson asked whether votes should be important to an engaged couple to be together "for better or for worse." Robertson said: "If you respect this desire, you say Death 'Til Do Us Part. It is a kind of death."

Perhaps the realization of potential controversy of his response, Mr. Robertson added a supplement, "Get some ethicist except me give you the answer."


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