Thursday, September 15, 2011

Demi lovato stays Up “All Night Long” with Timbaland and Missy elliott, up all night

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up all night
Demi Lovato reliably until he had strangled with his poignant ballad "Skyscraper" and now made us dance to their song Unbroken "All Night Long". Stop playing with our emotions, Demi! The club is ready to play a collaboration with Timbaland and Missy Elliott singing, and is another successful step in the development of a young ex-Disney as an act of identification, mature pop with his own voice.
up all night
Thank you to tweet from Timbo, head over here to listen to the song Half (while you still can).

"Do not make plans / Come with me / We'll stay all night," he sings in the choir of Demi. And the game Shoots and Ladders, right?
The optimists, many Sassy is a fun applaud an act with the host of "Hey!" S as long pepper, and although the contribution of Missy is short, which helps track much like a game. Happy to see the new disc is entirely made of super-serious Demi material or sentimental.
up all night


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