Thursday, September 15, 2011

'Up All Night': Creator Emily Spivey is having fun,

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The writers of the new NBC comedy "Up All Night" should not be a lack of equipment - they are creating a TV show about the trials and tribulations of parents in the news, at least for the world's standards the show, a baby exceptionally strong.

Emily Spivey creator and star Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph have all the little children that are not semi-regular Nick Cannon. There is even a nursery room adjacent locker Applegate and Rudolph, Spivey said.

"Children are a lot here Down the hall there are signs that everything he says." Quiet - baby bed, "Spivey said Zap2it when we talked with him in early September." Poor Nick is flying back and forth, because his family is in New York. But just a CEO - that's what you do. Not a problem - in fact it was a comfort. There is nothing that makes your blood pressure down to do more than hold a sweet baby. "

It also helps that, according to Spivey, working on "Up All Night" has so far been "very funny". We talked about the former "Saturday Night Live" writer has made changes to the pilot and what he hopes viewers will get from the show, which is next Wednesday evening (September 14). The highlights of our conversation:

Zap2it: And 'writing on a weekly basis a set of rules different from the work of "SNL," where to start over every week?

Emily Spivey: It's more like a long, intense stuff. The "SNL" will [write] it's fast and then it's over. But there was always this pressure to start from scratch and sitting in an office with a blank page every week, unless you had a recurring thing. But it's all recurring characters. ... Both are difficult. It is a challenge to find new things, but it is also difficult to keep his cool with the same characters week after week, and find stories and discover who they are.

You have changed the character of Maya in the original pilot of the celebrity spokesman for the talk show. How does it work so far?

I think it's great. It 'was really, really fun. It 'a lot more to Maya, and my bag of tricks. ... This is a more perfect world, and I think it's a world more and more people can identify with, especially all the "behind the scenes of Oprah." It's not Oprah, but people who know so much talk-show format and what will happen.

Tip the balance of the narrative of many of Reagan and Chris (Applegate and Arnett) life at home instead of work?

No, I think it's always the same. Since the show is its striking that balance, so we still have to sacrifice the same amount of time ... we had an old job. I think this is a job, talk-show character allows Christina to be a bit 'more involved. It's not just them trying to sign customers or something. There is a lot of stuff that is more interpersonal.

I think that there would be little more to tell stories in this environment too.

Right. And the [stories], the only characters to engage, without the need for people from outside come in every week.

What was the work of Chris before he became a dad who stay at home?

He was a lawyer before. He left his law firm to stay home with her daughter, Amy.

Does he have regrets about the decision?

He has no regrets. He decided to do it, because it was important that Ronald Reagan is his career. It was sort of made his things in his strength and was ready to do something that felt more meaningful to him.

Are we meeting the grandparents during the season?

Yes - this episode are currently working on right now.

You have driven them yet?

I can not really talk about it yet. He is still on the air a little, but casting is a pleasure.

What can you tell us about Nick Cannon character? Maya plays sidekick on the show, right?

It is mainly in the office to keep really positive. It is very spiritual. His character raised her sisters on her own after the death of his parents and he puts them in college. We wanted it to be one day, while it is light in the office environment. It's funny, positive and unflappable


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