Friday, September 16, 2011

The FDA, Dr. Oz: Apple Juice Is Safe, After All

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Will host the national circulation, "Dr. Oz Show" is ready to report on levels of arsenic in the store-bought apple juice, said the levels found in some brands made them dangerous for consumption. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, seems to deny the report, calling it "irresponsible" and says that all signs of drinking apple juice is safe.

"I am a father of three children, 11, 7 and 4, and the apple juice is a staple in my house," Matt Lauer said Dr. Mehmet Oz yesterday, the morning of Thursday. "Why should I believe that it is not the FDA?

Oz said when his investigation revealed what he thought dangerous levels of arsenic in apple juice, the FDA refused to talk or come on your program.

But the FDA has reviewed the test results and informed the Oz show with a letter dated September 9, they could not be used to determine if the juice is dangerous because it only measured total arsenic.

Arsenic is a naturally occurring metal, inorganic and heavy, and some levels can be found in air, water we drink and the earth. It 'is known to cause cancer and kidney disease. But while the high inorganic arsenic can be fatal, organic form is virtually harmless, says Stephanie Yao, a spokesman for the FDA.

The "Dr. Oz Show" only tested for the total, while the FDA tests for the presence of both organic and inorganic, said Yao. The FDA also said today that the agency tested the same lots as applesauce and Oz has found arsenic levels well within safe limits, almost zero.

"Trying to interpret these data to say that the apple juice is dangerous is misleading. It is irresponsible, and I think they are unnecessarily frightening parents, "the FDA scientist Don Zink, Ph.D., said today.

The FDA has set a benchmark of 23 parts per billion (ppb) of inorganic and organic arsenic to determine if a food or beverage is a risk to public health or when a "level of concern." If level is reached, the FDA re-test a sample to measure inorganic arsenic.

"As a physician and a parent, it is about me, there could be poisons such as arsenic in the juice, we give our children," said the winner twice Emmy host Dr. Mehmet Oz said in his broadcast. "Although we do not know of cases of poisoning, we know that arsenic is a substance that should not be in food and may be associated with various health problems like cancer. Our show today show that arsenic is in some juice products and recommend authorized levels should be equal to the pressure and a bottle of water standards. "

Oz said his show was about the public's right to know what juice they give to their children. Lauer said that parents should not worry, or throw away the apple juice, but who wants to open discussion on arsenic-free juice.

Yao FDA insists that there is no cause for alarm.

"We followed the levels of arsenic in many foods such as apple juice for several years, and the information we show does not really have anything to worry about," he told on Wednesday. "It 'a very low level of apple juice. All the characters are safe to drink and there is concern about drinking fruit juices, including apple juice."


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