Friday, September 16, 2011

James Carville: Who Cares If The Dems As The People More Than The GOP, If They Lose The Election?

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Just today we told you about the Democratic strategist James Carville by editorial piece, which has some of the advice offered to President characteristic blunt: "Panic"

John King CNN Carville aptly describes the council as "the political version of the intervention of the family."

Carville said that the terrible times demand drastic measures, the profession that the time has come for the White House to demonstrate to the American people, who "becomes" offering "something different" - for example, holding people responsible. Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher was also available to respond Carville recommendations highlighting the fact that many Americans at this time is not only dissatisfied with the performance of the President, but the state of Washington, DC, in general, even in Congress. Carville said:

All, says Cornell, it is true, but there is a problem: We have lost the election. So what does it matter if you say: "Well, as we like them better than Republicans in Congress" if they continue to vote Republican?

He said its implementation ed piece does not so much frustration of Americans in general, but of those within the Democratic Party who are frustrated with the status quo and to lose the election.


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