Friday, September 16, 2011

Fox News Legal Analyst Apple Sips Of Juice During The Legal Debate On Arsenic, Dr. Oz Report

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It is appropriate to make a cheap joke in a TV debate, critical to the health of the consumer and safety issues? Attorney Mark Eiglarsh seemed to think so when it went live in America to discuss Dr. Oz recently contested the results, which showed apple juice with different content greater amount of arsenic in drinking water than the limit set by the EPA.

Megyn Kelly convened a panel of legal action on a potential litigation Eiglarsh Dr. Oz scenario and Kimberly Guilfoyle, and asked if Oz was to sit for a trial of the juice industry. Guilfoyle argues that the results were contrary to what the FDA found in tests of the same samples of apple juice that were below the results reported by Dr. Oz Show. "The fact he did his tests on the irresponsible and dishonest is what I disagree with the FDA ... went and tested the same batch that Dr. Oz did and found that it does not exceed their diet or their limits and also tested other products in terms of quality control ... He put false and misleading information out there. "

Eiglarsh has been in the program to represent the defense, the fight against Guilfoyle, and he said he did not claim the case of Dr. Oz a consumer / point of an environmental law, but purely constitutional d. Dr. Manny Alvarez is presented as a witness in the script, and had published an eloquent defense of the findings of Dr. Oz and found much more validity to what you said.

"He tells you that the total concentration is increased, then this is the point on food security, and I think this is a message to the story," Alvarez said thoughtfully. "Food security in America is relatively broken, if it is E. coli, Salmonella, we now see, these trace elements that are very problematic. We also see a lot of unexplained diseases such as autism, cognatic disease in children. A lot apple juice was brought from China, the power-sharing system there? We are not just I do not know, "Guilfoyle then said that Dr. Oz did not use FDA-approved test, and so its results were inaccurate.

What had been a discussion respectful, balanced, took a turn for the absurd when Eiglarsh blew a liter of apple juice in the air. Some may have seen this as an act of gross points, a highly motivated disrespect Alvarez and all the people who care about the safety of their children. Others might have thought it was a gay gag. "I defend the Constitution, one can say what they want, drink apple juice" Eiglarsh mocked.

Although Kelly and laughing behavior Eiglarsh Eiglarsh meantime, parents who rely on Dr. Oz and pride to prevent their children consume foods that can be harmful to earn civilian commentators do not fall in the public debate Eiglarsh done.


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