Friday, September 23, 2011

gary johnson on the issues

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NEW YORK - Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson has the house down on Thursday night, Fox News / Google debate when he joked about how his "next two dogs have created more shovel ready for work that the current administration. "

The joke killed among the faithful of the GOP. But Johnson was the first to use it?

Gary JohnsonJust today, delivered talk radio host Rush Limbaugh a similar joke on the air.

"My dogs have created more than a shovel ready to work that Obama has just this week alone," said Limbaugh. "Our new puppy. I swear. Collects more willing to work for me this week that Obama has created all of two and a half years."

So what Limbaugh thinks the similarity?

"I think that I have come to show GOP preparing for the debate now," Limbaugh told the Huffington Post via e-mail. Limbaugh said he planned to use the line yesterday, "but the days run together, so I'm not really sure."

Limbaugh has not heard the joke live because he was traveling, but says he has received many mails about it.

UPDATE: Sara Kenigsberg HuffPost Johnson spoke about joking shortly after the GOP debate ended. Johnson told him that Jim Villanucci, a former "Tonight Show" writer and radio host on the current station KKOB Albuquerque, sent him a delay of several jokes on Thursday afternoon. "He sent me a text message at about eight one-liners, which I could use, so it was one of those things like, 'Wow, that was really fun," said Johnson. He did not know if Limbaugh tell the joke earlier today.


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