Friday, September 23, 2011

gary johnson

((•)) Hear This Text

Charles Krauthammer has called the line of the night during his post-debate analysis on Fox News, but it turns out that jokes about Gary Johnson "ready" projects can come from Rush Limbaugh.

For Thursday, Limbaugh joked: "My dogs have created a more than willing to Obama (laughs) this week alone."

Johnson said: "My neighbor, two dogs have developed projects ready to go to this president ..."

As political Alexander Burns, said: "There was no Google Analytics available at the time of the press to show that viewers liked the joke, but the audience cheered."

Of course, it is very likely that this is a line that has been around for a while, Limbaugh probably has not "invented" it. Yet it was perhaps time for the night, and we wonder if Limbaugh can be inspired.


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