Monday, September 26, 2011

How to Kill the Facebook News Ticker

((•)) Hear This Text

The most disturbing feature of the new Facebook redesign the symbol must be new (although you can make an argument in favor of some other additions as well). Technology Blog SumTips were three ways to kill this flow.

The easiest way (which is also the way that works best for me) is to use AdBlock Plus in Firefox or Chrome, and adding custom filters in tracking the preferences of the extension. # # [id = "pagelet_rhc_ticker"] # # [id = "pagelet_ticker"]

Then, update on Facebook and you should be in the business (ie the news ticker should be gone).

If you have Chrome, you can also install Unannoying Facebook, which gets rid of the cables and the new nail bar at the top. Or, if you have the best extension of Facebook, you can leave this in the CSS options in advanced mode.

/ * Hide Facebook live ticker * /

. Ticker_stream {display: none! Important;}


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