Monday, September 26, 2011

Does Facebook’s News Feed Punish Advertisers (Yet)?

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Oh, that wily Facebook! Changes in its platform that have not been announced Tuesday reappear. And some of them have serious consequences for the brand pages on social networking.

Colin Murphy, director of the office of advertising agency and marketing of Slim, examined the impact of the changes made by Facebook on Tuesday pages of the brand and made some disturbing discoveries were not included in the official announcement by the social network .

Colin Murphy, johtaja sosiaalisen mainonnan yes markkinoinnin viraston Slim, tutkitaan muutosten vaikutus toteutetaan Facebook tiistaina Brandin sivuilla yes tehnyt useita häiritseviä löytöjä, jotka eivät kuuluneet viralliseen ilmoitukseen sosiaalinen verkosto.

These results suggest that improvements in recent Facebook may have a negative impact on advertising that might motivate the site rejigger things fast.


Without further ado, here are more lean fat with our own analysis.

Uh, OH: Nar som i indhold Brugère Facebook, Denne er ikke længere Aktiviteter i udgiver news service, skinny Siger.

This includes messages like in the pages of the brand, the walls of friends and RSS feeds. The most popular pages on Facebook do not appear in the newsfeed.

Facebook ulkopuolella Kuitenkin Alustar sisältöä honey, toiselle Uutinen Kuten sivustolle, näkyy sisältöä Edell Edell uutissyötteitä Jaka ja void.

The challenge for brand managers: unless you like that shown results in fewer opportunities and less talk from friends to appeal to fans of the brand pages.

News Feed

Vores forståelse nyhederne foderet ændringer f er, simple services to indhold moors until relateret ting, har de allerede interageret med, og time, naar de devolves to the national scene LiDE emne do not, I'm not a har allerede bruger bestemt indgået med, vil den angels is national, with the thumbs-up motion. Ganske vist er om These will Slow Laere, og hore for elske, Hvad du, Læsø, er this.

Murphy Secondo, il nuovo algorithm, che il integrates your Facebook news feed sottolineare gli amici i Rapporti with, and giving priority i marchi, che è di chiaro a Questi ultimi svantaggio.

Una vez más, esto podría ser el resultado of Aquella person prefieren worm amigos in addition to marcas vez, sobre la base de lo sabemos that of the función suministro de Noticias. Esto parece consistente con la manera del coro of queja sobre el servicio de noticias ha alcanzado casi todo lo que vemos en el sitio.


When it comes to photos, bigger is better, and this difference should not be set, thumbnails from the pages of the mark does not attract as much as the big eyes of his friends.

The size of the image on the news flow has increased, but Murphy has revealed that this change is not reflected in the photos shared through the pages of the brand, which always appear in the smaller format (see image below then , from Murphy).


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