Monday, September 26, 2011

Sister Wives Season 2: Polygamy's Strange Charm

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As the TLC reality show has struck back in a polygamous wives Sister, Browns threatening prosecution seems unlikely. Joyce C. Tang speaks to them by shaking the stigma of polygamy.

Since "out" the world that the Mormon polygamous wives in the TLC reality sister series, the Browns have had their share of growing pains. The largest, they say, was adapting to the new wife Robyn. In January, the family packed and moved from their spacious home in Utah to Nevada. In their new community outside of Las Vegas, who have no church, and it was a challenge to find a house that fit all 21 of them. Today, they are scattered in four different houses, one for each wife Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.

The separation is only temporary until they can build their own house style polygamist with separate living quarters for each sister wife. And "There was a lot of advantages," said Janelle show.

On an afternoon last few years, ask the family fruit and sipped bottled water in a suite at their hotel across from Central Park after appears on the Today Show the day before. Meri and Christine laughed, never go outside without most of their hair and makeup. Robyn, looks a bit worn, was huddled under his coat on the couch next to Christine. And Kody, in jeans and striped button-down shirt, lying on a chair in front of Janelle. Polygamy aside, the clan Brown looks and acts no different than your average Mormon family or Midwest. They wear jeans and T-shirts (no clothes Temple needed) and have contemporary hairstyles. Their children are allowed to watch TV, surf the Internet and video games, and some have attended public schools. Kody and with childish as the patriarch, is Brown is far from the horrific images broadcast during the 2008 attack on aspiration Warren Jeffs' for Zion ranch in Texas.

In 32 years, Robyn is the youngest wife of 40 years, Kody. She and her "sister wife" by their own admission, "frank" and "independent" women, and their subsequent growth of 16 children, currently being seen after a working group of grandmothers back in Nevada, for become happy and well adjusted. An unusual family, whose lives are told for the second season of Wives sister, preview this Sunday, and sometimes can affect more than the Brady Bunch of Big Love, was a surprise hit TLC, the network that brought you both Sarah Palin Kate Gosselin, drawing an average of 2, 2 million spectators in more than Season 1

When asked why they were in the limelight, even though the first season attracted kaksiavioisuus Research Lehi, Utah, Police Department, Kody said: "There are a lot of families a lot more of us than what is stored in the media."

In the first season, another way: "To be clear, which makes us more confident [of America]. We hope that the polygamous Mormon fundamentalists that others will follow our example."

"Our children are able to be fully open was liberating," said Kody Brown.

Friendly, dominant, Brown paints a picture of fundamentalist Mormonism contradicts what many have come to expect. Many have mistakenly believed that when the show first aired, they were members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Although they are reluctant to identify the group of fundamentalist Mormons they belong, they have been publicly criticized by Lamoine Jenson, head of the United Apostolic Brethren, to participate in the show without his blessing.

Aub is a splinter group of the Church of Latter-day Saints, and differs most clearly in the fact that its members believe that polygamy is a religious vocation. In short, the more wives a husband, he is holy. LDS renounced polygamy long ago, in response to kaksiavioisuus laws, and does not recognize any of the Splinter groups of polygamy.

Unlike the FLDS, Lebaron Kingston or groups, which are usually isolated and offensive, Aub, or as it is called Allred's goal is to be opened and integrated into society. In 2008, a public statement, Aub presented in a negative position, or child marriage and incest, discouraged the members of the state aid, and argued that the participation of the FLDS.

Children are free to live a polygamous lifestyle when they are older. Or not. One of Brown's own children, which is one of Kody and Janelle child has already decided she will not and that's fine with her parents. Among the AUB, the rate of child abuse are the same as reported in monogamous societies, says Janet Bennion, an anthropology professor at Lyndon State College, who lived from Allred to research her thesis.

Kody Brown and his four wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn


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