Monday, September 26, 2011

Sister Wives Season 2 – Product Review

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They're back ... and there is no other show like it on television. Coby Brown lives a fairly typical family life, except that it has four wives and sixteen children. You read that right four wives and sixteen children. While the Brady Bunch is not polygamous family is not something that you probably thought they would.

I must admit, when it was released, I was very curious about the topic in one of those "what happens behind closed doors" kind of way. Let's face it, most of us can not begin to imagine sharing our home and her husband with another woman, not to mention three other women.

Following an intense controversy, women in the hit TLC reality sister wives season 2 series collection and moved to a suburb of Las Vegas. Scattered among the four different houses, the family faces the threat of criminal prosecution and the challenge of moving into a new community. Season 2 allows us a front row seat to see how this family deals with the challenges of living as a polygamous family.

So, what about Thrifty Family Sister Wives Season 2? I gave four wedding bands, because the show deals with a very controversial issue in a way that is not in favor of the family in a way that some form of reality.

You can download sisters wives Season 2 on DVD when it is released September 27, 2011. This DVD is broadcast in 195 minutes. For more information on other great DVD is available via Giam here.

In compliance with FTC, I want to tell you that I have received monetary compensation for this position. The folks at the Discovery Channel gave me a copy of Shark Week Restless Fury 2 DVD mentioned above. These opinions are my own message.


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