Thursday, September 22, 2011

law and order svu

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Law & Order: The episode began DSK!

It's called "Scorched Earth".

First impression: wow! It's like the real scandal. They already have the name, the man who fell in the episode scandal is tearing of the cuff.

"Another DSK" said Olivia Benson.

The similarities are amazing.

Of course, it was New York SVU officers were in the real case of DSK.

In the episode, the girl says she was sexually assaulted by someone (who happens to be a high level character, a candidate for prime minister) in the presidential suite.

The man is accused of traveling to the airport and it is for officers to keep it down.

We see the girl in the hospital (probably a rape kit complete) and notes that the actress is very much like his game Nafi Diallo. The "DSK" actress is probably 20 years younger than his counterpart in real life.

The similarities really begin to add when the defendant claimed diplomatic immunity. This type of product in real life. Then it is captured and interrogated in prison, where he denies everything.

It is described as "one of the most powerful men in the world." At all times, making it look like a pimp.

So far, this episode is much more similar to the case that the real Tiger Woods one.

"DSK", said a police officer to question the man is judged by his appetites. In court, he acted with provocation. "I'm not guilty!" He tells the judge, in response to his lawyer. His lawyer told reporters his client is guilty once "the credibility of his accuser questions come to light. And apparently, the politician has CIA agents working for him to help him win. Badass nice. I was impressively dressed very well. He wears a pinstripe suit, red tie.

Meanwhile, back to the police: they are all concerned about the title in a newspaper saying that the girl was there for the money. (Like what NYPost printed.)

Halfway, we discover she lied about her past. She, like the good girl came to America because she requested diplomatic immunity. But she lied under oath about the circumstances she was in. This girl was "a victim of Sharia."

A few minutes later, the drama! Prosecutors want to close the case.

The highlight came at 10:50, when a third character enters the mix, someone from Sudan, in the episode. Your job is to train people to lie. In real life, the boyfriend, a suspected drug dealer, who deposited the money in your account.

They find that the maid is lying on the model of the past, but some people still believe in him in any case of rape. But then there are differerence the real case: Jury Tria free the prisoners at least.


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