Thursday, September 22, 2011

Law & Order: SVU Review: "Scorched Earth"

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Meanwhile, Stabler! We will miss you and your male, treatment is not-always-the accused sex offender constitutional. In "Scorched Earth" for the 13th season opens with a man Benson Elliot Stabler SVU counterpart, but introduces some new faces and familiar.

Throughout the episode, the absence Stabler is noteworthy that the study of the IAB shocking shootout that ended the previous season. Your future is a mystery to her co-workers (but not for the spectators) and is ready to defend Benson Stabler, it is clear that your spouse can not cope with the consequences and resign. She takes it very hard, crying, before returning to work. Olivia was classic, tough and vulnerable.

The new season has presented the excited newcomer Amanda Rollins in Atlanta. We do not know much about him but if not that seems to be a big fan of the work of Benson.

Kelli is Giddish Rollins is expected to revive the series (and a potential replacement for women Benson later this season), but I found myself not so much like his character, especially during his "talk" with this week accused Italian diplomat Roberto Distasio.

Period of execution of the offense, which looks a little 'too present: Distaso is accused of assault a maid in his hotel. When the charges DSK having just left less than a month ago, it is easy to see how this episode reflects the current study, and perhaps also as thinkers were able to show results.

Just like the real case, transferred it to a great he said / she said, but problems with the (frequent lies and questionable motives) button swing ADA Cabot conviction that rape occurred. New bureau chief Mike Cutter said Cabot knows that (and the public, it seems) that "these cases is a matter of perception is not reality," and we can not help but think that the facts can be relevant to the real smear campaign.

Although Benson, jaded by years of this work seems to question the reliability of the victim, she believes the attack occurred. Throughout the episode, probably by detectives or prosecutors validity of its history, even when they find out she was exaggerating her story of rape early to get asylum. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but this show has always had a reputation for providing a balanced legal system.

Towards the end of the test Distasio, Ada Cabot tells the jury: "In America, money and power do not tilt the scales of justice." Except in this case, they actually do. I think the real lesson of the episode is that people with influence can buy their way out of problems with legal representation and a team of investigators to dig the earth in the victim.

The season has your typical fare SVU, but what he really wanted back and forth between Benson and Stabler. The two detectives supplied their own perspectives on the subject, and they usually represent the division in the audience of the show.

Rollins could grow an interesting character, and perhaps the newcomer Danny Pino Stabler meets shoes very soon. BUT, will be the same concert? Even today, new characters will bring a new impetus and improved to show that he has begun to seem a little 'stale?

Time will tell, but what do you think?


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