Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Girl: How Do You Feel About Zooey Deschanel?

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Zooey Deschanel, Labrador hipster bangs, it is a kind of love or hate the proposal. In both cases people are part of its approximation Williamsburg Boho Lisa Frank folders giant eyes and giggles saccharin, or want to punch him in the face. The same goes for his new Fox sitcom a new girl. So, which side are you on?

As for the show itself? Well, good. I do not think I laughed out loud, but there were many things that I thought was clever or original about it. The concept is Jess Zooey, a young girl who seems to be exactly what the love-it-or-hate-the public think Zooey is in real life, being dumped by his girlfriend and moves into an apartment with three guys guys. Originally Lothaire just wants his roommate because she is a friend as a model. Jock the roommate does not want her because he can not talk to girls, and the roommate Hood Michael Cera is back and can not take his party. It moves in and they hate it. But finally, it teaches them to get in touch with their feelings and learn to sing him to leave on the dates and to stop lying on the couch crying in Dirty Dancing. That's the way the other side of your flat screen.

But it seems, well, okay. It sounds like a sitcom laugh track without a modern (through Christ), and a new approach to the younger audience, it was stew. Yes, okay. And 'well. It 'been fun bits, and there were some groans, but it comes down to how you feel in Jess, which is really what you think Zooey.

So what do you think? I kind of fell in love with him. Yes, it is unthinkable that a young woman with a nice-looking as he is nothing of a woman he wants, but it's his personality that turns people off, not its essence. Do you really want a girl singing silly songs alone in bed? Certainly there are people who do not. At least not the version of Charlie's Angels of sexy women on TV network that serves the usual objects of desire. But I would certainly be his friend. In fact, I have a friend who also looks and Zooey is just like him and I really hope to enjoy his company, in small doses.

This show can do so in the long run? Well, it seems to have potential, especially if the meat to the characters two-dimensional current partner, but could also fall into the routine of convenience "Zooey Wacky Adventure of the week" territory. Anyway, how you feel about this exposure has to do with how you feel Zooey. So guys, tell us what you think. His love or hate?

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