Thursday, September 22, 2011

meg whitman

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Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman is considered by the directors of Hewlett-Packard as a possible candidate for the CEO, in an attempt to replace its current leader, Leo Apotheker, according to several sources familiar with the situation.

Whitman's appointment - a long-standing and experienced Silicon Valley exec who joined the board of Hewlett-Packard in January - the highest position at HP is by no means a comprehensive agreement, the sources said.

However, a large contingent on the Board of Directors wishes to remove Apotheker, after what some administrators consider a series of management mishaps.

In this case, would be the second great period of time short of ousting CEO - Yahoo has recently fired its CEO Carol Bartz due to lackluster performance.

[UPDATE: Wall Street seems to like the idea Apotheker-doping What HP shares near eight percent of our news, and a Bloomberg report. The aggregate increase of nearly $ 3 billion in market value of HP.]

In addition, sources said Whitman has been working to get another great job when 10-year stint Exec to eBay, which was followed by an unsuccessful run as the Republican candidate for governor of California last year. Since then it has been a consultant part-time at the top joint company Kleiner Perkins.

Their role is not - which was widely regarded as temporary - has included acting as strategic advisor to start-up and evaluate investment opportunities.

The sources said Whitman - who has also actively participated in its founding family - has shown some interest in taking the job at HP.

As Whitman would not be surprising, since there are few executives in the technology expertise to run an organization as large and complex than HP.

However, often experience in the consumer space and never ran what was essentially a hardware company and one with large corporate clients.

Therefore, if appointed, Whitman need much help, especially with a solution of many problems that HP has seen lately.

That is why the government is meeting on the phone and in person this week to talk about different things, focused in part on how to run the company out of its current cycle of bad news and what to do with the situation.

His most recent series of problems was the announcement of the layoffs of hundreds of employees in their division of Palm.

This is essential in order to give employees the news came when Palm is the HP of a sudden in August it was closing its hardware business webOS.

Add to that the proposed class action lawsuit, filed Sept. 13 in U.S. District Court of Central California, with another handful of law firms that are launching their own investigations to move more than HP.

In the suit alleged, according to a report by Arik Hesseldahl, a shareholder "HP named Richard Former CEO Leo Apotheker comments - income expectations of society, the importance of business PCs and has plans to move the forward with devices running the operating system webOS - gave an indication of very different actions HP-train on August 18, when he killed webOS hardware and announced plans to spin off the PC business and spend 10 billion to gain independence. "

In other words. Many frameworks for discussing HP were under siege, mainly from the former CEO Mark Hurd resigned under pressure from more than a year ago on a series of allegations about the cost reports as part of an inquiry of sexual harassment found no evidence to support a claim of sexual harassment.

In the wake of the scandal, HP Apotheker appointed to take on the Hurd.

It was a bumpy ride as HP shares fell nearly 43 percent in one year. In comparison, rival Oracle shares rose three percent during the same period, Apple shares rose more than 50 percent.

This decline, in part, as a series of movements and major blunders, like many, has Apotheker - who tried to change the position of HP widely as a public company - in the center of attention.

An HP spokesman declined comment. I have several calls to reach Whitman and have not yet heard.

More to come, of course. But until there is more news, here's the full video interview with Leo Apotheker in the ninth inning D: All Things Digital conference this summer.


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