Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meet Miss Universe 2011: Angola's Leila Lopes

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What's better than scrutiny a bunch of tremendously beautiful women opposing for a chance to be name Miss Universe 2011?!
(Stop saying football.)
The 60th twelve-monthly Miss world Pageant, hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen and NBC's Natalie Morales, was show from Creviced Hall in São Paulo, Brazil, where contestant from nearly 90 country and territories approximately the world compete in three categories: swimming suit, sunset gown and traits dialogue.
And it looks like Angola's Leila Lopes has an further, shiny handbag on her head tonight.
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Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, Miss Universe
The 25 year-old from Beguile is the first winner on or after her kingdom and has loved pageant since she be a little girl. Lopes also enjoy reading and eye shadow.
We found out that this immature lady not no more than had the exquisiteness, but the brains to attract the panel of judges when she answer an interview difficulty about what physical characteristic she would revolutionize if she could by state it was her interior beauty and philosophy that count most.
"Thank God I'm very pleased with the way God shaped me and I wouldn't modify a thing," Lopes said. "I deem myself a woman brilliant with inner good looks. I have acquired many superb principles from my relatives and I be going to to follow these for the rest of my time."
Preach it, girl!
First small fry was Olivia Stefano of Ukraine and following runner-up was Priscilla Machado of Brazil, followed by Miss Philippines and Miss China to round out the top five.


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