Monday, September 26, 2011

'Pan Am' 1.02 Preview: Christina Ricci Gets Flirty With a Passenger

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ABC new show "Pan Am", an elegantly dressed woman of the house to attract men and Maggie Christina Ricci is one of these excellent relations. The hostess receives praise from rebellious one of the passengers on the next episode, when it comes to highlight the benefits of night flights that the responses of man: "I think I'm watching."

Also, "Eastern Exposure", that the air next Sunday, October 2, a routine mission becomes courier Kate heartbreaking in its struggle to eliminate the amount of time after last-minute change to send the crew of a flight Rangoon. Still others can enjoy sunbathing flygirls session.

Meanwhile, Maggie is naive Laura under his wing and shows him the wild side of town. As for Ted, the news of a space mission leads him to reflect on their own past and that strong family ties have cost.

"Pan Am" has just been created on Sunday, September 25 at 10:00 am on ABC. Viewers' responses were mixed, with some positive reading tweets, "Pan Am! Love it already! Ah their costume dept set is prolly the epic", "I really like the Pan Am I'll keep an eye on him next week, "and" Pan Am ... while in it. "

Meanwhile, some other tweeps not only wrote the series, "My wife says every scene in Pan Am's like the last scene of a great film - but without the development of the accumulation or character", "East" Pan Am ", filmed live and improvised? Because none of that nonsense" and "Pan Am this program needs a Don Draper as soon as possible."


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