Monday, September 26, 2011

A Pan Am stewardess shares her experiences

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Shirley McMahan lived a life of flight attendant for Pan Am in 1955, and again a new show on ABC's "Pan Am" may seem glamorous, Shirley gave us straight.

Back in 1955, Shirley said she wanted to see the world and decided to become a stewardess for Pan Am

"I always wanted to be a hostess. I went to Ohio State for 2 years and I expected I was 21 years, and then the Pan Am shark," said Shirley.

At that time, no job opportunities that meet the needs of Shirley.

Shirley says, "nursing and teaching, none of which I liked."

Shirley wanted was to fly abroad, and because she spoke Spanish, she flew to Latin America.

Shirley has a great kick out of watching the "Pan Am" promotion, where the belts were important.

Yes, they were wearing seat belts, but "we do not have someone to slap on the back to see if there was one!"

The work was not all glamorous, but Shirley I particularly remember a night flight from Caracas to Rio.

"We were not allowed to sleep while everyone else is doing, and in the morning, we had eggs," says Shirley.

Shirley said he has always been a wonderful time in her life and she "would not give it up for the world."

Gives all after only 2 years, something better, a marriage. Now the "Pan Am" brings to mind memories and laughter.


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