Thursday, September 22, 2011

Revenge Stories

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Revenge Story # 81

I give the man an employee to move and rent a spare room in my house, because he had just moved into the region and had no place to live. I spoke with him several times before settling in the area and I thought it was cool. We became friends, and other partners, Radio DJ Biz.

About 8 months I had a meeting with our P {D} of the program director, told me that this guy was turning up, and his speech was not as clear as it was when he was there, so I do not took his work and he would. We have both worked in shifts, was connected to 7-12 and 12-6 are Shift, and hated to SHIFT 12-6 passion for this change, because you had to do a real commercial production will not only be talking about air and fun.

Well, here's how it goes, he discovered what was going on, so one night I was sick, he came out of both ends, I called him and said computer programmed to change and leave a note the head to $ 6 o'clock. He never left a note for the boss, and just programmed the computer to 5:30, so there was dead air for half an hour, and it is also the time when the boss came in. Needless to say I was in profound thing I got a call at 11:00 to know that I was fired and pick all my stuff. He sat there and said he left a note, and he had no idea why I was fired. I told him it cost me my job and get the hell he had no friends in the area and had no place to go.

Later that night when I was at work, I get upset in your shampoo, mouthwash and floss your ass with your toothbrush floss your ass with his pillow made of sandpaper to your favorite CD and threw her medication against asthma. After moving, I found a film role, who was dressed as brides of the rags that had been developed and sent to their parents.

So after about two months, I called the FCC and told them I swear I heard 7-12 shift at the radio station and was very upset because my 5 year old son heard his first dirty word, and I want the guy fine or dismissal. He was not fired, but he moved to the night shift, he hated. And about two weeks since his ex-girlfriend and my girlfriend had a nice evening of passion, and we sent the pictures to him. I never take it lying down and never let someone does me wrong direction.

Otherwise, his ex-girlfriend has some very interesting images, and we intend to send to their parents, and all I can say is that their inclusion in the ass - a mother and father will love these pictures.

(Dude, your ass should have some good breath after all that flossing flossing alone is good, but every 6 months, you should take a trip to the proctologist for a cleaning and checkup! -


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