Thursday, September 22, 2011

Top Ten Revenge Stories

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First Boyfriend Cheating - Garage Vacuum

Residence of the British guy for two years. I thought we were crazy about each other. We enjoyed ourselves so much. He treated me like a queen. Over the last 6 months of our relationship, his ex-girlfriend is back from abroad and began to need a "light bulbs changed," and every other kind of service hours. His behavior is more evil and more evil, but sometimes more loving than ever. I was so embarrassed. Of course, he denied anything happened, when I asked him if he saw her. Hetold believe that I was nuts, betrays more than a month, and my intuition was correctly told me it was, but he was so smart that I just can not prove it. Within three months of this, I was seriously traumatized - and then I decided to find out for myself, realizing that he was strong enough to be honest. One Saturday, my dog, and she "went shopping" (hate shopping) and I followed her car, only to see him and take his son from a previous marriage. I've looked again and

watched them set up a picnic in a local park, seemingly settling for the afternoon, all cozy under the blanket and Kissy. It 'really bad.

Now, the house he had lived in three separate garages, there was another door that leads between his two. He always closed and empty when I wanted to use it to store stuff, stuff has suggested it would be safer inside the house. He always said to me, the third was empty garages.

Well, when they were happily picnicking, hired a bunch of keys in a local blacksmith, and opened the third garage. It 'was packed into the roof of his garage. So I spent the rest of the day divided into boxes at a local orphanage, asylum and the way Tramps. It took me almost 4 hours. I was tired and a little 'guilty, but my heavy feeling was a mixture of relief and justice.

A few weeks later he was out "shopping" again and amounts to "bank card" (which I had seen him take with him), I was planting plants in the garden. He stood beside me looking so pale it was almost yellow - no color in his cute little cheeks lie. He asked me if I was third in the garage. I told him: "What would I do there, is empty, is not it? "

It was empty ... I went a week later.

2. Torture-husband continues

When he does something terrible, or think I do unpleasant things, he never knows about.

I wash the bathroom on her toothbrush, blew his nose into his pillow, stuffed with dirty socks on his pillow, spit in his food, threw a cigarette ash on his coffee, and shoes also pee. She never knew that I did nothing wrong and we were together for eight years. I felt the beginning, do not mess with me ... I'm a bitch!

My third ex-boyfriend was a controlling self centered who thought that I would be faithful to him even when he left me for a Scottish bitch!

As they say revenge is a dish best served cold and ten months later when a friend e-mail and e-mail contacts I put in the place had not changed his word password! Stupid stupid men!

Thus, after the discovery of the response we girls need to know about this new relationship, I decided to teach him a lesson last little! Security!

So tomorrow morning when he decided to catch up with peers and emails from his girlfriend when she works out guess what?

The computer says NO!

Access denied!

Oh, poor baby can not contact his friends or girlfriend! Boo hoo crying shame! and if she reads this, yes, it was me!

4. So began six months ago, met someone online, and from the first day I have been playing and just found out today what happened began to speak, and phone calls late, too soon, she told me she loved me, I fall for the patter, and met not long ago, she was in the area for some reason, met het led to the coast / beach had a great day. The next day was over.

? So, stupidly enough for her, said all his passes, in the same, so reset the password for hotmail, then verified by e-mail to all that she had signed and sent reminders about 5.7 password and passwords are the same, so reset the switch to the original and the possibility was there any phone records etc and discovered that, as I dropped her back down, he was on the phone with another man, so knowing the number of children to establish a known messenger acount a random name to a cell phone provider in a well known name at random and let one or two weeks, then send a text that says this guy ... Beep beep itself is not big, wet when I slid my hand in hers and such and such? I've done .. Let no one think?

5th My husband became entangled with a text message and the case by telephone with one of my friends. I caught a few weeks, but had no proof about six weeks, until I could get my hands on phone bills, and there were over 4000 texts and more Call of over 9 weeks. I have faced, and he confessed everything. He said there was nothing more than the phone thing ... still not 100% sure, but still do some research and trying to get hold of the text to print, but it seems that it will take a court order to do it! Grrr! I put in a hell all summer and finally got a little revenge on her and ... although I have plans to do more.

She has very long hair she is so proud, so I knew I had to do something to destroy it. I went to a local Bath and Body Shop and bought the trial size shampoo, conditioner and leave your hair shine serum, and Cologne and lotion to make it look legitimate. I made a beautiful gift basket with all the goodies and left on the porch of a secret admirer ... but not before I had a little fun with the shampoo, conditioner and serum. I poured each into a bowl, removing much of it and replaced the volume with Nair hair remover. Then placed a portion of the original product only in the neck of the bottle to make it feel like it should. Needless to say she fell for her, using the product and now has broken hair and chips! It excites me every time I see it now! I still get a rematch, but have not received all the details yet.

6. Ok, once Worked this horrible place. It 'was a charity run by women, who were like The Devil Wears Prada, except for those stupid rich bored housewives and career types. They just used a designer duds when sh * t me all day, because I had to work for a living I have to be foam. They could not even think of anything to me, as I read novels all day, trying to propose projects that will really get your lazy fat ass (I had to do public relations). They rejected all my ideas so sitting in a small office across the hall and read more novels in search of a new job, and continued in the SH & T for me. Finally, after six months, I was depressed, not sleeping, and bored and decided to leave. Week, take my decision, I used the card in the copier that time I could. I went to the window of files and messed up every single file, give each a different box.

The last day I walked into this room, I was in my office down the hall. They had all kinds of files that had no intention of filing, organizing files dating back 60 years, photos and original documents on paper. I grabbed as many of them as I could and took to the streets and thrown into trashbaskets different. I did this for the past two days I worked there. So I told them I was leaving. After that I put a voodoo curse on the whole organization. A few months later there was a big scandal concerning their president and embezzlement. I lost six months of my productive adult life of the witches, in spite of the misery that kept the Karma is only good old days.

7th I should have listened to his friends when they told me not to get involved with him, but I was young and stupid, and bad boy seemed attractive. We had a casual thing going for a short time, when I say random, everything was in his own words, it was he who wanted casual. He revealed little of himself, I thought it was dark and mysterious, but it turns out it was just a lying, cheating, self-centered crap!

When I tried to do a little more serious, stopped me, ignored me, did not call. I assumed it was over. He had never given an explanation, so I had no knowledge of what had gone wrong. Later I discovered I actually had a pregnant girlfriend, and unbeknownst to me, I was the woman, "another!

We used to frequent some of the same clubs and pubs, so even after being discharged still sometimes seen (and ignored) through a dimly lit room. Every time I saw him, he asked for their "stuff" again (in our "love", very few clothes left for me). One night, especially before going out with my friends, make clothing, all uses of your shirt in the trunk of my car, I have the intention to return to it if / when I saw him later. In fact, he was there, in all its unglory arrogant, and of course, looked at me and grunted something in my general direction of my clothes. I went to the parking lot, took off the clothes of my car and put them in a heap on the floor. My best friend and I laughed and cried like a match to your prized possessions and watched go up in smoke! Wait until a simple mound of ash, which collects in a glass jar.

Taking the drink in the pub with me, I spied him standing at the bar with his friends gathered around. I went to him, slammed the jar full of ashes on the bar in front of him and exclaimed: "Here's your fucking clothes!" Needless to say he was stabbed with a quick return. I turned and moved away from his friends who are struggling to hide their amusement, laughed!

8. I lived with a man about a year. I thought it was a perfect man. Until I realized I had a sexual addiction. Our sex life was great. We had sex almost every day. I saw nothing unusual about that. Well ... Always took care of all bills and a diary of when the beads, when they were due, how they were and when they pay me. One day, through the newspaper, I realized that we have not received our phone bill. I asked him about it because the phone was in his name and he said he would call and find out where he was. A week later, still no phone bill. He said he called and had to send another. So I started to get suspicious and called himself pretending to be his wife and asked Bill. Customer service representative said the phone bill had already been paid. I told him I could not find Bill, and I needed it for tax reasons, and asked if sent back. Well, he is out of the mail before I got home, but I noticed that it was his work bag. My friend was over so I told him that he would not interfere with the Umm him and asked him to get Bill out of the bag and write the numbers and put it back. Needless to say, that was a lot of phone sex line calls. I have to him and told him that if he needed someone to talk dirty to him to give me a tape recorder and I could do it for free LOL. He said he was sorry and that will never happen again. He worked nights and about 2 days later went to work at 6 and went to the bathroom to take a shower. At that moment the phone rings. Era una chica para posando ella (ella parecía muy sorprendido me dijo of that), the era pregunta y ella me Quién dijo an amigo. Así lo consiguió that fled there in the antes de llegar y ducha era una that the dijo llamada para el. The Qui-preguntó there the dije era lo que dijo. Cogió el teléfono y dijo on. "Hola Hola .." y colgó. Nadie dijo el estaba that in La Linea. Y fue has ducha. Pocos minutos después el nuevo teléfono y sound of that era ella. Ella me preguntó yo era su esposa so. Le dije que no, pero yo era su novia y hemos Vivido juntos durante a año. Estaba enojada. Ella dijo que el estaba sola that the dijo, pero que no sospecha is Dari su número teléfono of, that llamo así a la información y lo consiguió.

It was a young girl prays for him (she seemed very surprised that I said), I asked who it was and she said a friend. So I went and got it before going to the bathroom and said that there was a phone call to him. He asked who it was and I told him what she said. He picked up the phone and said. "Hello .. Hello" and then hung up. He said no one was on the line. And went into the shower. few minutes later the phone rang again and it was her. She asked me if I was his wife. I said no, but I was his girlfriend and we lived together for about a year. She was angry. She said he told her he was single, but became suspicious when he did not give his phone number so she called information and got it. How stupid of him to get the number. We talked with him a few minutes came out of the shower I asked him to wait a while 'and put the phone down on the back of books, and my love, sweet voice, I asked him to join me in the kitchen. When I sat down and had more than picked up the phone and called. "So when was the last time you have been with my boyfriend?" My jaw just dropped. He knew he couldnt get out. So she just stormed out. Just then I started drawing revenge. It 'was the way it has been, always thought he could buy his way out of its problems. Later that evening, so he told me that I needed a new car, and that we were to get one the next day. My friend stayed with us for the night, and why was not one person was left to sleep in the morning when we went and got a new car (which he paid in cash) when we came back my friend said he had I called again and had to call back. Just then the phone rang, it was her. I pretended it was someone else and told me that we were preparing to go to the mall, because she thought I should have a new wardrobe with my new car. He promised to meet us there. While we were walking up to the mall, came and told him she wanted her pictures of her and her children. He tried to act as if they did not know him. I grabbed his wallet from his pocket, went through and gave it to his work. He was furious. He threw $ 500 to me and said, wait in the car. I had no reason to be angry, because he did not know obviouly me, so I took him shopping with me and also bought a new pair of shoes for his money. That night .. After that he went to work. My friend and I went to an adult bookstore and bought all the man-magazine. We went through it and found a number of sex row. We played and, of course, the gay guy said. I said no, he did not want to talk to him, but I just wanted to ask the phone and hang up when finished. Well .. 8 hours later when I had packed all my things (and put it in my new car) I returned the phone and thanked the Lord for your time. He laughed and said nothing (the phone bill came to over U.S. $ 13,000). I took the magazine and put it on the nightstand on my side of the bed, because I knew he would never open. New friends are very curious and I knew I would find. A month later I was in front of him and I went to when we were together, and several girls approached me and asked if he was really gay. I asked how they met and told me that a friend found a gay magazine in his nightstand. They took all but laughed and told me with a straight face: "Why do you believe has been broken" and walked away. The rumor went round and got so bad he had to leave town.

9. My friend (call jerkoff) and I were together for 21 years! (I do not want to marry, and that worked for us.) At least it worked until last February. I saw about 40 mobile phone calls, all around one minute between the hours of 9 and 23 hours when he was in New York in the "business". When he returned, I went through your portfolio and, of course, was a list of female names, telephone numbers and web pages over escort of the note: "30 and Lexington" (where he met one of his prostitutes ). He swore he was stupid, juvenile (he was 62 years!), And he never would again. He apologized and bought me flowers, jewelry and clothes for four consecutive months. Now this week I see an AOL icon on the desktop where there was none before. We share our e-mail with the other (which guarantees completely transparent so people after this distrust came shortly).

I connect to AOL and make sure that the devil has not one but two secret email accounts, both related. (I found the other mail account after sending the name and have response Luscious Victoria - the idiot now your computer has PC Pandora and your car with a GPS so you can get all your moves, and once you have all the information in my hands, I will invite him to see me in New York (as Victoria, of course). I'll call the police before the man is expected of a prostitute in a particular area, have set a trap, and Nail your ass I'm sorry, but the arrest or at least temporarily, the wives and a fine. After going shopping with your credit card, I have the intention of restoring the evidence of their own e-mails and others feel that I can, then kick his ass once and for all ... but only after they do tracking for a couple of weeks so you can get more goodies from him.

10th So about 2 years ago I broke up with my girlfriend, Davi least 3 years cheated on me, on average twice a month (all different girls) and I played for $ 8,000 which there is no m ' has never paid back! Well, it came down to one last time, Melissa, to be my "friend". I had no choice, I had finished. So after cutting him loose ... I thought I was fine, but I was not ... I was in a bar every night to get trashed and watch my life go down. Was the first time I ever had a broken heart. So I thought I would get revenge. I dated his best friend for almost a year. It came to him. Jokes on me, he's in jail now. Thus, after loose "best friend" cutting me and Davi actually became friends. After having slept together a few times (behind the back of Melissa), I saw an opportunity to hit him where it hurts! His fiancée Melissa caught him in some lies, posted "I'm the scum which is his fiancée" while on his hand.

So I sent an e-mail, asking if he had got to know me and him sleeping in one, or all the other girls told me that he cheated ... along with the password of my account of the phone, and check how many times he calls me. Well, Mr. Davi offer me $ 100 for 3-way, a lie, and say that everything is not true! Well, I gave him a call tell him, scoop. He sat on the phone (which was resting between my breasts in my bra), when he appeared, and she heard him say as he so angry with me for saying this, as he repented bed with me, because now it's screwed and basically blew founded his place. Well, he gave me $ 100 - We made the call. And when the phone hangs .. Everything I heard in his head, is F @% * ING LIAR! I've heard it all before! All this! "Click." He turns to me and says ... "I can not believe you did ... You lied to me ....

It just happened, so I do not know where he goes from here ... but I'm sure it's over now .... He He He He! Life is good.

"I turned to him and said ..." He wants to be lied to, but hey! Please pay me to say "truth"! I think it really pays to be honest! "LOL


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