Thursday, September 15, 2011

Susan Powell Mystery: War oOf words escalates

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The war of words between the family of the missing Utah mom Susan Powell is climbing the investigation into her disappearance moves in Washington with the police to conduct a search of the house occupied by her husband and father-in-law.
Powell's sister-in-law Jennifer Graves called the allegations and the flirtatious sex was accused of his father, Steven and Susan Powell for his "insulting" and demanded a return to focus on the search for the missing mother.

"My father says all sorts of things about Susan is not true -. Susan was not like that Steven Powell is, "said Graves." At this stage, we need to focus on the study all the calumnies any help in finding Susan -. We must return to an examination of the condition rather than as a calumny.

"[Susan husband] Josh and my father did nothing to help, they talk a lot, but it's nothing to help find Susan. Do not talk to the police. It presents a man who wants to find his wife," he said.
Meanwhile, 20 detectives are looking for their home in Puyallup, Washington, where husband of 35 years Powell, Josh Powell, who now lives with his father, Steven Powell, partner and two young son, Charlie, and Braden. Josh Powell moved with her children for her father's house here after his wife disappeared in December 2009.
Half of the researchers conducting research in Pierce County, Washington, the sheriff and the others are with the Police Department West Valley City, Utah.

At least three computers, and four boxes of material removed from the house to investigators, according to ABC News affiliate in Seattle Komo.

"We came here to look for a bit, and we have a lot of things we wanted," said Lt. Bill Merritt.

Josh Powell was home when investigators arrived and was not arrested. Pierce County Sheriff spokesman Ed Troyer. Tape the scene around the house while he was wanted, and ate pizza Charlie Braden Powell while playing in the backyard of the house.

It is also believed that investigators are looking for reviews of adolescence Susan Powell.

Steven Powell said the intention of seeing the records of their teenage daughter mother on site, according to the Salt Lake Tribune, said newspapers show that the mother of his daughter is able to walk to her husband and son of two. It has been suggested publicly that disappeared with a man from St. George, Utah, who disappeared from a Christmas party the night suddenly disappeared.

The search of his house began the same day the father and son appeared on "Good Morning America" ​​to discuss his relationship with Susan Powell. In an interview with Steven Powell has made new allegations that he had a flirtatious relationship with her daughter-in-law was "a little beyond the limits."

"Father-in-law - daughter-in flirting with each other, maybe some sexual contact or what," said Steven Powell, he developed the relationship with the wife of his son, adding that he started to fall in love with her, and found that "There is no doubt in my mind that the feelings were mutual."

The mood Jennifer Graves was the same as Chuck Cox, the father of Susan Powell. When asked on "Good Morning America" ​​on Thursday, Cox Steven Powell refuted allegations that his daughter and the father of her husband was in love and she was coquettish in her father-in-law .


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