Thursday, September 15, 2011

Susan powell search: Unidentified remains found

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Topaz Mountain, Utah, in an effort to find today, based solely on information received from the last option is served by Joshua Powell, Utah woman to lose her husband, Susan Powell, human remains were placed.

Teams of cadaver dogs were used in the afternoon, and confirmed positive note, Josh Powell is known to be a "rock hunting".

Waiting game begins, has not yet been able to identify as male or female, and the coroner is broken. Abc4, who had been invited by the research effort and, subsequently, limited to the crime scene when shooting.

Chuck Cox, the father of Susan Cox Powell said he believes police are close to completing its investigation into this matter and is due to a rupture, but declined to confirm whether he believes are the remains daughter.

"I absolutely believe in a specific reason to be there."


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