Thursday, September 15, 2011

Widespread search continues in susan powell case

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nvestigators have launched an extensive search of the body in the desert of Utah, Susan Powell, almost two years after his death.

With the help of dogs in the body, investigators are scouring around the city of Delta, 130 miles south-west of the Powell's house in West Valley City, Utah.

"We are very confident that we will reach something, but we do not know whether or not we," 13 West Valley City police said on Fox News.

Researchers are working on the ground grid pattern trademarks ATV on his body, and will help to increase the intelligence of machines.

Result indicates that the investigation is in its most active phase, when Susan Powell, married with two son who disappeared in December 2009.

He was 28 years.

Last month, police raided the house of her husband, Joshua Powell, who after speaking with investigators from the beginning has failed to cooperate.

Josh, who has the last saw his wife when he took their overnight camping trip son, has suggested that it could run off with another man.


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