Friday, September 16, 2011

Time To Study The US Constitution

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Federal law makes it mandatory for all schools to teach the Constitution, Constitution Day, which is September 17 or during the week, the Constitution, if it falls on a weekend, why does this year. It would be a good idea for you to check your local public school and see how it will comply with this law.

Our U.S. Constitution! Oldest and most enduring in world history of the Constitution Every American should read to understand what is the source of our greatest freedoms - religious, political and economic. The Constitution is the instrument that allowed America to grow and prosper, becoming the most powerful country in the world, while at the same time preserving individual freedoms. The American philosophy is that government serves the people, not our master. President Ronald Reagan expressed this concept when he said the government is the problem not the solution.

Eagle Forum has a valuable educational tool that is appropriate for schools to use during Constitution Week, which is a good program for homeschoolers and adults too. This is a program of studies in the field with my book on the decisions of the courts of the State and is available for free on Eagle Forum. You can download the chapters in this book, both for individual classes, one in the case of religion, a property rights cases, one case of human parents, an immigration and other issues. The text is easy to read, and each chapter has discussion questions and notes.

I suggest you follow the Constitution of the Week, by inviting your friends to a series of sessions of the supremacy of the judges have done to our constitution. Then you're ready to help us strengthen the good judges who respect the Constitution, the way it was written and not how they want it written.


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