Friday, September 16, 2011

Resolution US Constitution Day - 2011

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"Every word of a constitution is the difference between power and freedom."

- James Madison

After a break from the campaign to get an idea considered by the local Libertarian Party and affiliates. I offer this not as Wright in 2012 launched a campaign, but simply something that has been used successfully to promote the Libertarian Party of groups of libertarian ideals. Not all of the Libertarian Party, activism is a political action or campaign activities. Often, you can easily and effectively promote the Libertarian message of individual freedom and personal responsibility to be good citizens and participate in civic activities.

Case in point: About a decade ago, I had the great honor of writing a resolution in honor of Constitution Day of the United States by the Libertarian Party of Forsyth County (North Carolina), the we have worked to be adopted by our local governments. Although the resolution was presented by Forsyth LP, which was not part of the campaign of any candidate, or intention to make a political point. Simply offered as a group of citizens called Forsyth Libertarian Party. Local agencies to adopt the proposed resolutions by a variety of groups in honor of all sorts of things all the time.

To our delight, the resolution was approved and adopted by the Council. With our success, we decided to promote other affiliates in the liberal state, and across the country to sponsor a similar resolution in their local cities and counties. What began as a local action quickly became a national movement and I am proud to announce that the U.S. Constitution resolution was finally adopted by local governments in nearly half of the states of the EU, and that the project is repeated year after year.

One of the best reasons for this project is that it is an excellent opportunity for libertarian organizations at the local level to do something positive. Too often, libertarians perceived as "against" one or the other. "All" is even worse, we are sometimes accused of being against this decision allows us to bring something before government officials as we enter. It gives us the chance to show that communities across America are actually libertarians "for" something.

Another reason for conducting this effort is much easier than you think that this resolution be accepted by the local boards. After all, what self-respecting politician would vote against the recognition of the U.S. Constitution in an open meeting? Not to my knowledge, has never voted against it, once it has been reviewed by the board to which they belonged. If you can get a board member to offer the resolution in question, which is virtually assured of passage.

Although it is a shame that should not even propose a resolution like this is encouraging to see that the idea so widely accepted. We must continue to educate our citizens in our beloved Constitution and highlight many diverse forms that are walking every day for those who put so much confidence. U.S. Constitution provides for daily or weekly basis is not necessary. This must necessarily be a national holiday and be as famous as most of the other parties combined. Only education will save the republic that our Constitution protects, and earn the respect it deserves as the document.

We urge all members to ask their local governments to adopt libertarian 224th anniversary of the Constitution of the United States, September 17, 2011. Following is the text of the resolution. Please feel free to copy, modify, adapt or rewrite the resolution to their local situation. Check with your local school district to find out when will be the week of the Constitution and the dates to match. The official dates are usually located in a presidential proclamation, but can not be issued until a few days before September 17. Then we will know what kind of opportunity that has to happen. This can also be a great opportunity to publicize and distribute copies of the Constitution of pocket Cato Institute (buy copies in bulk for $ 1 here) in all meetings to consider the resolution. Be sure to seal your local information Libertarian Party members in the inner cover, and hand deliver copies to each member of the Board at the meeting if possible.

Do not be afraid to let people know that libertarians support the U.S. Constitution!

Resolution recognizing the United States Constitution Day and Constitution Week USA

WHEREAS, because of the revolutionary war was fought to exempt U.S. citizens from the tyrannical and oppressive, and these people are trying to form a new government to respect the people as the only source of all governmental power, the need for written instructions to limit the power of the government and security to the people, the right to govern themselves has been recognized, and

WHEREAS, the U.S. Constitution was adopted by a Constituent Assembly, September 17, 1787, and became the supreme law of the United States of America in order to ensure and guarantee the rights of all free citizens of the United States United States of America, and

WHEREAS the Constitution of the United States is today the oldest written document of its kind, the whole history of humanity, the result of effort, and causing injury, patriots who founded our great nation, America, United States U.S., and

WHEREAS, on September 17th is designated as a US Constitution, and ___September to September is designated as Constitution Week US across the United States.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the ____of ___ hereby declare the official celebration of September 17, 2011 as Day of the U.S. Constitution and September __, __ September 2011 that the Constitution of the United States the week of _ humility regarding our past patriots who gave everything for their fellow citizens, and those yet unborn in our country must always remain free to enjoy the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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