Friday, September 16, 2011

Us Constitution Shine

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I think the U.S. Constitution is actually much more powerful than anyone, any politician or political party. But things are looking good.

For example, when the President of the United States refers to the Constitution as a "rigid idea" in a speech before a joint session of Congress, television is a very bad example. When the mayor of the largest city in the United States of America live on television that the words "separation of church and stat''findes US Constitution, it must be assumed that he probably never read the entire document.

When Congress gives you the power to legislate with elected councils and the administrative branch, revealing a profound lack of understanding of their constitutional duties and authority.

When legislators feel empowered to take charge of 1 / 6 of the American free market economy through a mammoth Act, the authority is nowhere in the Constitution, which is the cornerstone of a mandate that requires power and punishment of those ordinary citizens who have committed no crime or not, the morgue is profound.

And when a federal court rejected a challenge to this law, as citizens of a State, concluding that "a State has no interest in the rights of citizens is sufficient to warrant such an invasion by federal sovereignty''and this finding yet been reached, however, that same court of appeal of the law a "hard ordning''på taxpayers, we can not help but recall the list of tyrannical lists complaints against the ancestors King George of England.

All the government is simply a voluntary association of individuals who come together with a purpose. The stated objective of the Government of the United States is "sikre''nydelsen our absolute rights, only identified as" life, liberty and the pursuit of lykke''og pact to protect the "use stater ved''free and independent with "full power to levy war, conclude peace, [and] covenants.''

The Constitution grants the power to elect representatives to make decisions on some items specifically listed, but does not allow most of arbitrarily deprived of his liberty, that people have the right, are withdrawn from the ordinary laws of the province.

As Charles wrote political Nordoff Young Americans "laws are few and simple structure, should be strictly avoided to grant privileges and immunities for individuals, but generally apply, and should never intervene in the freedom of men to move slowly one place to another, feel free to discuss public affairs and issues; do any work honestly to please them, to produce what they feel are most appropriate, and to change what they have produced wherever they want, and what they most want .''

U.S. Constitution is a clear example of a great freedom for the rest of the world, and is strong enough to endure the arrogance, ignorance and responsibility clear, because people, once awakened, will always meet the obligation to vote which is in a box.


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