Wednesday, September 21, 2011

troy davis story

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Atlanta - Georgia apologize for the government's refusal to grant an amnesty for the death row prisoner Troy Davis of Georgia, on Tuesday.

Davis' supporters made a last desperate attempt to stop the execution of his death sentence to apologize for saying that the government that he is innocent and ask for forgiveness, but the government has decided not to stop the execution scheduled for Wednesday.

Steve Hayes, spokesman for the Board of Pardons and Paroles, said the jury decided that denied the request for clemency to Davis after hearing the testimony of hours of his supporters and prosecutors. The Council did not elaborate on the decision in its formal written response to the application clemency.

The decision seemed to go to Davis, with little chance to avoid execution. Defense attorney Jason Ewart said that the Board of Pardons Davis probably the last option.

Davis was convicted in 1989 killing of Police Mark MacPhail, who worked as a janitor when he was shot to death.

Since then, eyewitnesses recall or backed off their testimony and others have said another man on the scene admitted to the shooting.

Davis has won high-profile supporters of the pope and former President of the United States.

Amnesty International issued a statement that read, "" It is inconceivable that the Board of Pardons Georgia denied relief to Davis. It allows a man to be sent to death under a huge cloud of doubt about his guilt is an outrageous violation of justice. "

Prosecutors and the MacPhail family, urged the government let the execution take place.


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