Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Art Clokey’s 90th Birthday Google

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Today [12th October 2011] is the 90th Anniversary of the pioneer in the popularization of the movement of clay animation, Arthur Clooney Art. Google has a Google Doodle on the home page of the memory of the artist, one of the best animated films ever Doodle Google Doodle for the team. The details and the Google Doodle Art Clooney video after the jump.
Intoduction of Art Clokey:
Art Clooney was born 12 October 1921. He presented his first station called to sound film in 1955 gymnasia, influenced by his professor Salvo Vorkapich, University of Southern California. Was 3 minutes 34 seconds short film.
Since the project gymnasia invented Art Clooney and Ruth Gumby. Since Pokey Gumby and his horse was a familiar sight on television and appeared in several series, starting with the Ronald McDonald Show and The Adventures of Gumby.
Art Clooney died in his sleep 8th January 2010, at the age of 88 at his home in Los Solos, California, after suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections.
About The Art Clokey Google Doodle:
Google Doodle features animated characters from Art Clooney created interactive including the famous "Gumby and Pokey." To open the space green waves of the hand and character began to move to other balls of clay.
Clicking on a ball of clay is a character in the tone and begins your movies. Click on any ball to play with the colors Doodle Art.
Video of Art Clokey Google Doodle:

Below is the video of Google Doodle Art Clooney.
Gumby and Pokey:
They are very famous characters Clooney, Gumby and Pokey horse.
Art Clokey’s First Film – Gumbasia:

Below is the first stop-motion film of clay by Art Clooney. Have fun!


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