Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Barry Sanders Jr

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Barry Sanders, Jr. is one of a mature junior high school you will ever meet.

He talks little, full of joy in the shade and the constant smile on his face, Sanders has it all, college football coach, would like a person. Not to mention, has a pretty good soccer player as well.

Oh and then there's this thing name.
 Barry Sanders Jr
Barry Sanders
Barry Sanders Jr
At the top of his personality, a great quality of leadership and skills of elite football, just that it happens to be the son that Barry Sanders, the 1988 Headsman Trophy winner.

In his game last secondary school in the Heritage Room in Oklahoma City, Sanders went on to rush for 313 yards, where five of his 13 runs went for touchdowns and good for 24 yards per carry. But at the end of the day, even after the praise and attention, Sanders said the best part of the day was to go to another victory.

A young running back is not exactly the shape of the mold of his father, was 5''11 "and 190 pounds only his third year of high school, compared to 5''8", 200-pound frame led the old Sanders Hall of Fame career. But besides the body, and the number (Barry Jr. wears No. 26), two is not much different.
 Barry Sanders Jr
Barry Sanders Jr
Barry Sanders
Of course it is too early to declare Sanders Jr. the next big thing, even compared to his father. However, it is too early to start the hype for someone who deserves it.

His running style is characterized by a mix of 4.4 and 40 speed, strength and athleticism that coaches are drooling, just look at his highlight tape.

Any participant in the Top Gun camp this summer in Williamsburg, Virginia, I had the opportunity to see him back against seniors, including five-star Aaron Brown and Malcolm Green. Although the two previous parts of another year under his belt and plenty of offers for more than their names, Sanders Jr. was arguably the best back on the field this week.

It may seem unrealistic to such a young age, but is it really that good.
 Barry Sanders

Now, in his younger years, universities have come calling and the coaches have started pleading with him to young Sanders to be the next star of their school. With offers top-notch programs in the country, has begun the process focuses on a select few so far.

Now he has exhibited in four-Alabama, UCLA, Florida State and Oklahoma State (alma mater of his father). He can look at these specific programs at the time, but do not count on anyone just yet, since his appointment has just begun and the tender will soon be in a heap, if not already.

But for now, Sanders Jr. will focus on leading his team to a state championship for the next two years. Comparisons, and highlights the national media attention will be on a team in a few years until it is presented on the campus of the school as he feels is right.

After all, he is a guy who loves football, not just the son of the greatest running backs of all time.


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