Tuesday, October 11, 2011

enlightened moderation

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The world has gone through a tumultuous period since the early 1990s, with no signs of improvement in sight. The suffering of innocents, particularly my brethren in faith - the Muslims - in the hands of militant extremists and terrorists have made it more urgent to bring order to this troubled scene. In this spirit, I want a strategy I call Enlightened Moderation.
 enlightened moderation
enlightened moderation
enlightened moderation
The world has become an extremely dangerous place. The devastating power of plastic explosives, combined with the high-tech remote controlled devices, and a proliferation of suicide bombers, has created a lethal force that is almost impossible to counter. The sad reality is that both the perpetrators and most people who suffer from it are Muslims. This has led many non-Muslims to believe wrongly that Islam is a religion of intolerance, militancy and terrorism. He has led a growing number of people to link Islam to fundamentalism, fundamentalism to extremism and extremism to terrorism. Muslims can protest however vigorously they like against this kind of labeling, but the reality is that these arguments are not likely to prevail in the battle for minds. To make matters worse, the Muslims are probably the most poor and uneducated, people poorer and more divided world.

A difficult challenge facing anyone who has compassion for the common heritage of mankind is to determine what the legacy we leave to future generations is. A special challenge facing Muslims is to drag us out of the hole in which we live, to raise ourselves to the achievement of individual and collective socioeconomic emancipation. Something must be done quickly to stop the slaughter in the world and stop the downward slide of Muslims.

My idea for this node to determine the enlightened moderation, which I think is a benefit to all - both Muslims and non-Muslim worlds. It is a two-pronged strategy. The first part of the Muslim world to shun militancy and extremism, and accept the path of socio-economic elevation. Another way is west and in particular the United States, to try to resolve all political disputes with justice and support the socio-economic improvement of private Muslim world.

We must understand that the cause of extremism and militancy lies in political injustice, denial and deprivation. Political injustice to a nation or a people, when combined with the hard-core poverty and illiteracy, makes an explosive mixture. There is a sense of hopelessness and helplessness. A nation suffering from these lethal ills is easily available for the propagation of militancy and extremists committing terrorist acts. It is cannon fodder in a war of terrorism.
enlightened moderation
enlightened moderation

enlightened moderation

I would be wrong if the people in defense of my faith, I did not trace the genesis of the "Muslims of being labeled as extremists or terrorists. Before the anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan, was the only cause of agitation and anxiety in the conflict in Palestine from the Muslim world. It is this question that led to a unity of Muslims - for the Palestinians and against Israel. The war in Afghanistan in the 1980s, supported and promoted by the West as a proxy war against the Soviet Union, so the emergence and maintenance of pan-Islamic militancy. Islam as a religion that was used to harness worldwide Muslim support. Subsequently the atrocities and ethnic cleansing against Muslims in Bosnia, the Chechen uprising, the struggle for freedom of Kashmir, and has strengthened Palestinian Antiradar all erupted in the 90 years after the Soviet Union. To make matters worse, the militancy that was sparked in Afghanistan - which should have been defused after the Cold War - was instead allowed to fester for a decade.

During this time, hostility among fighters from the Muslim world turned multidirectional, seeking new areas of conflict in places where Muslims were suffering. Enter the birth of al Qaeda. At the same time, the Palestinian Antiradar kept up and running, connect, and angry Muslims around the world. And then came the bombings of 11 September 2001 and the angry reaction of the United States against the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. All subsequent reactions in the United States - the domestic responses against Muslims, its attitude toward Palestine and Iraq - has led to the total polarization of the Muslim masses against the United States. It is not Islam a religion that has created militancy and extremism but rather political disputes that led to hostility among the Muslim masses.

It's all history now. What is done can not be undone. But this can not be allowed to fester, a solution must be found. I urge the West to help resolve these political disputes with justice, as part of a commitment to a strategy of enlightened moderation.

When I think of the role of Muslims in the modern world, my heart weeps. We need introspection. Who we are, what Muslims are about, where are we going, where we should be headed and how can we get? The answers to these questions are the Muslim part of enlightened moderation.

We have a glorious past. Islam exploded on the world stage as the champion of a just, lawful, tolerant and value-oriented. We had faith in human exaltation through knowledge and enlightenment. Some examples of tolerance within ourselves and toward people of other religions. The armies of Islam until March to convert people by the sword, despite what the perception may be, but to deliver them from darkness through the visible example of their virtues. What better projection can be found in the deeper values ​​of Islam than the personal example of our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), who personified justice, compassion, tolerance of others, generosity of spirit, austerity a spirit of sacrifice and a burning desire to make a better world.

In the Muslim world today is far from all these values. There remains far behind in social development, moral and economic. We have been in their shell and refused to learn or acquire from others. We have reached the bottom of despair and hopelessness. We must face the harsh reality. It is the way to go for confrontation and militancy? This path could really bring us back to the glory of the past, at the same time it seems that the light of the development world?

I tell my brother Muslims: The time for renaissance has come. The way forward through the light. We must focus on human resource development through poverty reduction and justice education, health and social services. If this is what we mean, can not be achieved through confrontation. We need a path of moderation and a conciliatory approach to fight the common belief that Islam is a religion of militancy in conflict with modernization, democracy and secularism. All this should be done with awareness that the world we live in, justice is not always the rule.

Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is our collective body. We need to breathe new life into what it is now in a state of near impotence. OIC must be restructured to meet the challenges of the 21st century to meet the wishes of the Muslim world and lead us to liberation. Offers a range of celebrities to recommend a restructuring of the OIC is a big step in the right direction. We must show resolve and rise above self-interest for our common good - in the very spirit that Islam teaches us.

The world as well as the powers that be must realize that confrontation and force will never be peace. Justice must be done and seen it done. No one can say to future generations that we, the leaders of today, took humanity toward the apocalypse.


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