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The most popular sport in the world

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All sports are very popular around the world, this may be the most popular sport in the world exist? Some answers may surprise you.
The most popular sport in the world
They call it "soccer" as referred to wonder, football, or are to make sure you play the most popular sport in the world. View either by streaming or playing soccer estimated 3.5 million people. World Cup is the championship of the sport; the tournament will be played every four years. World Cup is one of the best in sports television, the creation and appreciation of many countries to play for their country in droves. Soccer is all UK, Europe, Asia and Latin America is popular. Their interests, "football" is placed in the U.S. are behind, and many other popular sports.

The most popular sport in the world

So we have a cricket. With bat and ball sport is hundreds of years, came from England. Sport in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, some African countries, there is very popular in some Caribbean countries, the country's most popular sport in India and Pakistan. More than three million people annually please see or play cricket.

The most popular sport in the world

The most popular sport is surprising, and in hockey, players and spectators billion, especially in Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. Usually in this sport that is played women tend to be high school in the United States.

Next is tennis. It is about 4.0 billion dollars, it has a tennis player with a global audience is not surprising. American tennis is a rich country like the trend; Asia, Australia and Europe are very popular. National "grand slam" Many players are called upon some of the tennis tournament. The first Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and U.S. Open in late August. The Grand Slamtournaments tend to get the attention of the tennis season.

Most Popular Sports around the World

Then, volleyball. 900 million viewer’s worldwide readership andother surprises. Volleyball is very popular in Brazil, Europe, Russia, China and Japan, the United States from sports. Centralize volleyball team, the lack of special equipment requirements; it is a popular sport in many schools.
In addition, also a popular table tennis, also known as ping pongs. It is nine million viewers and players, is another popular sport in the world amazingly. Have emerged in Britain in table tennis after dinner activities for the triumph of the 19th century. Table tennis as a competitive sport, but very popular in many countries, China, Korea and Singapore are especially popular.
We followed these sports to attract spectators and players 400-5000100 from around the world, in each sport, baseball, golf, triumvirate of American sports mainstream more like soccer and basketball have a.
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