Monday, November 21, 2011

World's Most Famous Art Museums

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Museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art have one of the largest collections of art under one
roof. Its permanent collection has been divided into 19 sections of interest, more than two million
works of art, located on Museum Mile in New York.
The American section of Met has a picture of his first sculpture in 1870 on the screen. The first
song was one that affected the construction of the American Museum of California Hiram energy
is focused. Over the years, Met is his art collection, includes a number of areas contain. In his
hands, Michelangelo 11,000 works of painting, Rembrandt and Van Gogh, and his art section.They
also Asian art has been constructed in several parts of the arsenal and many areas of American
decorative arts and weapons.
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J. Paul Getty Museum Los Angeles judge, privately owned museum of European art, has a rich
collection of sculptures and drawings of traditional Greek and Roman. The museum is also a
collection of photos of the U.S. focuses on areas of interest of the United States, one of the few
areas in the museum has extensive collections. Research Center was opened in 1985; some
personal information of the artifacts found in the study can be used to ensure the presentation of
information in publications and workshops.
France's Louvre Museum is one of the oldest museums, famous the world's most visited. It is from
early 1700 artists, their art has been known as a place where you can be present. The museum
officially opened in 1750, many of the most overlooked artists from France and the work were
presented at the museum. They had a collection of famous artists like Rembrandt and Leonardo
ad Vinci for many years and for the public on the screen. Visitors, who called the Mona Lisa in the
Louvre for centuries and the Venus de Milo to see how some of your favorite songs famous.
The Louvre has 380,000 works of art exhibited at least in that collection. It works in 35,000 of their
current rotation to display more than 8 categories. One of its strengths is a collection of 11 900
pieces. The museum is also archaeological, to accommodate a sculpture and art exhibitions. They
are also large stocks of furniture, including the Office of the King of Jean Henri Leeds donors,
indicating that permanent exhibition.
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