Friday, September 23, 2011

NBC’s ‘Prime Suspect’ Reinvents ITV’s Restrained Jane Tennison

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Anticipating the NBC remake of the first series of the British Prime Suspect ITV, I was watching the original, from the first series in 1991. Americans watching UK TV a number of reasons, but one of them is to enjoy the severity of the English, the tense situations infamous booking.

Helen Mirren looked poor to make their way through a single three-hour event was wonderful. Jane Tennison Mirren is limited, at times emotional, angry and sad, but when time permits. Each series ends with a lengthy interrogation in which a confession Tennison tense without throwing a punch, often quietly. Take comfort in the fact painfully accumulated by a methodical detective work, but inspired.

Not so with NBC Prime Suspect.

And it does not matter. It is comforting to know American remakes of foreign goods can be counted on to turn the restraint in abundance. He was the main complaint reviews AMC murder. We wanted AMC Mad Men, illustrated by the more reserved on television. But we had a show that began and ended near AMC NBC. The original Prime suspect is probably closer to what the critics wanted the US The Killing. The prime suspect US bypasses completely.Sometimes euphemism, although the American way is just as good, maybe not so much art or revolutionary, but good enough.

Maria Bello is Jane Timoney is much more aggressive and a little more elegant than Tennsion Jane. She brandished his weapon or a badge if needed. She takes a beat or two. It Pounce, more walks around Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Then there's the story. Even if the sides of the same - a pilot project in 1991, a series of mirrors to concentrate on the serial rapist / murderess, Jane, in addition to a location outside of the dead woman's work - on NBC to raise a lot of adrenaline before. One of the first shots of a bloody crime scene more graphic than the original English. Jane tried to stop smoking, giving him plenty of excuses for the people cry, or to find people willing to shout.

It raises the question of why NBC decided to do a remake at all. After all, a hard woman Sleuths almost rare these days and tend to be very popular - Rizzoli & Islands, Closer, media, etc. Some Americans are familiar with Prime Suspect, but the show is 20 years, and although Mirren is hot at this time, was a star bit 'of time.

Obviously, the reason has to do with why many television networks, not to mention the movie studios, is to restore and adapt the already known properties: built-in marketing. Prime Suspect should get a lot of initial interest from fans and sophisticated Mirren, and with luck he can earn respect as a critic of The Good Wife is CBS. But for them, the public chooses to stick around will depend on how the show is structured: it will treat some detective work with the kind of respect and the complexity of the source material was?

I doubt it, but even if not, the pilot teased me with a tough cookie even preposterous detective fedora'ed willing to fight the evil and stupid cops boss around. We are Americans. We love strong and uncomplicated.


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