Friday, September 23, 2011

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One of the things that has kept the first series of Prime Suspect to sink into mediocrity: Maria Bello.

I have never seen someone who wanted something so badly. Bello, Jane Timoney, is able to keep up with the boys and beat them at their own game to be a detective in New York.

While the "beef trust" is content to sit, not going after the suspects appear guilty and spend the rest of his time drinking and keeping a job lead detective Jane, Jane is dedicated to be a real detective, even after one of them died of a heart attack.

And that's what keeps Prime Suspect to be just another show about women being held in a field traditionally dominated by men.

Beef Trust would be a problem with women who come and become detectives, they have a problem with Jane, especially since they think she slept her way to the top.

What distinguishes Timoney differs from most of the heroines of process - and something that will surely help her finally win on the power and the public - is she really wants one of those guys. There is no gung-ho, optimism too serious here. Jane is a character dark, filled with light spots of black humor and crudity. She is interested in doing its job and go over all angles, not to close the case as quickly as possible and have a beer with the guys after work.

Another feature that sets Jane part, is how his personality is not a switch when she gets home. This is not someone who suddenly becomes the stereotypical housewife happy when she sets foot in his house or be around children.

Jane has no problem on arrival at the former boyfriend of the past and her new husband, as a lever to get your child to spend some nights with them, and she has no problem showing a traumatized children if it means that the information with his weapon in his case.

The Final Act, which sums up Jane. No matter what the cost or consequence ... it will do its job even if it means the pursuit of a suspect and get absolutely ruthless, fight dirty. Nothing taps him for a long time, and no one stand in his way, even if that means get your hands on and beaten in the face.

While the case of the episode, the week seemed like a fairly common, and the other characters need some clear story arcs In addition, the barriers of Jane, one thing is certain: Maria Bello raise the prime suspect is a status-watch.


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